Concert: I Didn’t Make It To Aerosmith Concert In Download Festival



It was a couple of weeks ago when my husband purchased two tickets for Aerosmith farewell tour. But in the end, we didn’t make it to the Download Festival and I didn’t see Aerosmith that day. However, before I share to you my heartbreaking moment, there is something I would like the readers to know. This moment is very dear to my heart as I’m also a big fan of Aerosmith since childhood. Although, it was just a wishful thinking that someday I might see him in person. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it could be possible. So there, I was so literally happy that day when my husband made a successful purchased and I can’t seem to wait.

By the way, my husband and I have just been to UB40 concert a few weeks ago and it was also awesome. I also love reggae music and so does he. In fact, I may also write a post about it in a few days from now. The weather at that time was just so perfect for that event and most of the people had enjoyed the show. Nevertheless, prior the UB40 concert was a bad news about the bombing in Manchester after Ariana Grande’s concert. It was terrible and I felt sorry for the families who have lost their loved ones at the concert. I cannot help having a second thought of not going to the UB40 concert yet still, we went anyway.

It was on the following week when Ariana Grande called out a benefit concert called One Love Concert. That was to honor victims of Manchester terrorist attack. We planned to attend the benefit concert and had my husband queued up online to buy a ticket at exactly 10 o’clock in the morning. However, it would always kick him out from the queue and did not managed to get a ticket. He did try several times to get back in the queue but gave up in the end. That was one frustration we had before my heartbreaking moment in Download Festival.

So alright, I’m one of those who loves to watch concert only if there are some spare money to spend. Of course, who doesn’t want to watch their favorite singer or band performing live? I believe most of us would love to hear them singing live as it gives us a different kind of thrill. Watching them live on a stage is really a one of a kind and a once in a lifetime experience to most people especially in my case.

Download Festival 2017

Here we go, it was the night before the Download festival and I am so very excited for tomorrow. It is because for the very first time in my life, I am going to see Steven Tyler performing live together with his band. There will be other bands who will perform for the next day which you may be familiar with: Fozzy, Orange Goblin, The Cadillac Three, In Flames, Airborne, Steel Panther, Alter Bridge and the highlights of the night-Aerosmith! These were the line up for Sunday event and Aerosmith will come last at 8:50 pm until 10:50 pm.

For those who do not know what Download Festival means, you may click on the highlighted words for more information. The Download Festival is a British summer rock and heavy metal festival hosted by some genres of biggest band’s names. It is held annually at Donington Park in Leicestershire, England since 2003 and this year, the Download Festival closes with Aerosmith.


Aerosmith Farewell Tour

I am an avid fan of Aerosmith, I was born and grew up in the Philippines and Aerosmith is a very popular band in our country. Steven Tyler is really one of my favorite lead vocalists and I really want to see him in real. Unfortunately, they are now on their farewell tour and I still have not seen him in person. How I really wish I can see him performing live at the Download Festival. So now I’ve got a ticket, perhaps this might be my only chance of watching him live, singing my favorite songs. I have been waiting for this moment for more than 20 years now, so hopefully, this is it.

I hardly can recall the first time I heard Steven Tyler’s songs but then, I became one of his fans. Probably I was just about 11 years old when I first heard the “Amazing” song by Aerosmith. I do not know who they were at that time until I saw the music video of this band. Their music video tells you a story and Steven Tyler is really a gutsy man that even made their band more appealing. I started hearing more and more of their songs and since then, their songs began to register in my mind. Steven Tyler’s scarf-wrapped microphone is really his trademark, adorning himself with loads of accessories and his fashion style is really a fab. He’s not even afraid of wearing pink colored clothes contrary to most men out there, pink is their least choice.🙂

Aerosmith Rock Band

His big mouth and hoarse loud screaming voice, his performance, the lyrics and his music videos are really astonishing. I find the lyrics of his songs very poetic wherein sometimes you have to read between the lines. Some words are plain and simple, easy to understand that I can actually sometimes relate to the pain as he sings it. Way back before, his songs and words are the voices of my voiceless heart and somehow made me feel fine. Even until now, I am still listening to his songs and it made my mind traveled from my past. Steven Tyler is really one of the greatest singers ever.

My Favorite Songs of Aerosmith:
What it takes Fallin in love hard on the knees Luv Lies Walk this way
Cryin What could’ve been Jaded Full Circle
Crazy I don’t want to miss a thing Emotion Blind Man
Amazing Kiss your past goodbye Janie’s got a gun Dream On
Hole in my Soul Livin on the Edge Taste of India I’m Down
Angel Dude looks like a lady We All Fall Down

When I was young, I thought that some rock bands have a heart of stone, or a bit cold or maybe insensitive. But I was wrong because as we know looks can be deceiving. I was a bit hesitant and even scared of them by their looks and the way they scream on the microphone. However, as I started listening to their songs, I somehow began to understand them and felt their songs in my heart. I have been listening to other rock bands like Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Jon Bon Jovi, LIVE, My Chemical Romance, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Foo Fighters, No Doubt and etc. They sang their hearts out through music and printed their emotions in their lyrics. They are dealing with a common issue, fighting their own battles and sometimes trapped in their own invisible cell/bars.

The Legend

Some of them may have seen the light and some didn’t make it. As what the “Amazing” song goes, “with the blink of an eye, you finally see the light”. This is just one of my favorite lines of Steven Tyler’s song. This man is really witty and unique in his own way and I really admired him a lot. Like from his song “Dream On”, I have a favorite quote from T.E Lawrence, Dream your dreams with open eyes and make them come true” and Steven Tyler is really actually living on it. Truly he is the living legend of rock, one of the greatest old bands ever. Even though he is aging, it is really a privilege to see this legend age, so many died too young.

The Preparation

The night before the event, we have already prepared everything we needed for the next day to come. We bought some foods to munch during the concert and some foods on our way back home. So we’ve got fruits, water less than 500ml, frizzy drinks, sandwiches, boiled eggs and some crisps. We also brought some extra raincoats and clothes with us just in case it rains. Plus, we even ordered a bag online that converts into a chair just in case we needed to sit down. We know that we are going to be standing for a long period of time in the concert. In that event, the chair bag which we bought online may help us rest our feet.

We also went to ASDA the night before to fill up our van with diesel to ensure we’ll have enough. My husband had also checked our van that night to make sure that there’ll be no interruption on our journey. I’ve also fixed our bed in the van and had put on the fitted sheet, some pillows and sleeping bag. At least, we can rest for a while after the concert while having our late tea and have a little chat. There you go, everything was all set up for tomorrow’s event and we went to sleep about past 10 in the evening.

Trip to Leicestershire

We woke up about 4:30 in the morning and started getting ourselves ready. We had a light breakfast, just coffee, bread and cereals for my husband. Took a shower, got dressed and put all our stuff in the van and we set off at about 5:50 in the morning. We were so excited as we headed off and I was even singing Steven Tyler’s songs while we were on the road. Things went smoothly, the weather was perfect and the sun shone so brightly and the travel would take 2 and 1/2 hours as it is 140 miles to Leicestershire.

Out of Luck

We traveled 70 miles when something happened to our van. Suddenly, we heard a tapping sound on the van from the engine. My husband had to pull over and slowed down. He stopped the van and opened the hood where he saw oil spilled out from the engine. It was half-past 7 in the morning when he tries to figure out what could have gone wrong but later on, he gave up. He said he cannot fix the van and that we needed to get the van home and no more Aerosmith.

Unfortunately, the van broke down on the road just when we were already halfway there. I felt like I’m in an “Ice Bucket Challenge”, feeling cold thinking of my dream. My dream of wanting to see the Aerosmith live in a concert had melted away. I felt so sad that I couldn’t help crying inside the van while my husband comforted me.

He called the road service assistance for help because we were stuck on the side of the road. The RAC road assistance staff arrived around 8 in the morning and investigated the issue using his device. Later on, he declared that two of the injectors had caused the problem and needed to be replaced. The van is pretty big, so the first help who came needed to call a third party service to tow our van and send us back home. Then, the second help arrived and I think the big truck arrived about half-past 9 in the morning.

Going Back Home and Gutted

We were inside the huge loader ready to take us back home. We were thinking of other options to get to Leicestershire like going on a train or perhaps lending my husband’s mother’s car. Unfortunately, we have run out of luck that day. By the time we reached home, it would be past 10 in the morning and the train would be gone by then and we would not be able to make it. We had sent a message to my mother-in-law that morning and got a reply late at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. She was out to the centre and didn’t have the phone with her that morning. It was totally an unlucky day for us.


These were our tickets for the Download Festival that we wasted unintentionally and the money spent on it. The ticket cost was £75.00 plus service charge of £8.00 for a total price of £83.00. Seriously, I really wish the van would have broken down some other day and not this special day. I mean why not after the concert and we’ll just work it out later. I could not believe it happened to us but yes, it did and here we are back at our home.

Ford Transit Van Has Been Towed Down:

A good lad slowly towed down our van to our driveway as we were watching it coming down. He had been good to us hoping we can still make it to the concert. He handed over this paper, a proof of confirmation. It was already almost 11 in the morning when we get back home.


Back in the house, we started taking out all our stuff from the van, the snacks, foods, bags, drinks, and pillows bringing them back to the house. We ate our foods and snacks at lunchtime instead, thinking about what had happened. I was in great despair and feeling sorry for myself for the rest of that day. I felt so gutted that we didn’t make it to the download festival as we were halfway there. Well, that is life, all things happen for a reason.

However, my husband and I are still hopeful though that one day we might still see him perform. I really want to hear his voice in real time and I wish that Steven Tyler would come to the UK and do a concert one more time. I hope I can see the living legend of rock before he really gets too old and frail. Who knows he will perform again and his farewell tour may not be the end of his band yet. I am wishing you a long life, the best of good health and more happiness Steven Tyler Tallarico. I will always be your forever fan in silent. May our Lord God bless you, your family and more power to you and to the band, long live AEROSMITH.


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