TESCO:The first Store I visited in the UK

TESCO in Bedford

This post is relative to my previous post about my first day in the UK and the first place that I had visited was in Bedford. Along the way, we opted to go to TESCO to grab something to eat. That was my first grocery store in the UK. A British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer in the UK.

It was a cold day around 7:00 o’clock in the morning when I arrived last June 28th of 2015 in one of the busiest airports in the world, the Heathrow airport in London. My partner had been waiting for me for about an hour in the waiting area and not long until I popped out from the entrance. He helped me with my things to get it in the car and he started driving heading to Bedford as what we have planned months ago. It takes about four hours of travel to get back home so a night in Bedford is the best we can think of before going home. Besides, we had already planned to visit the Woburn Safari Park in Bedford on our way the next day.

At the moment, we were traveling heading to Bedford when we decided to stop by at TESCO to buy something. I can’t decide what to eat and there was plenty of options to choose from this store and too many foods that I want to try to eat.

A selfie inside the store.

The very first thing that came to my mind was slippers.

Tesco Store We’ve got what we needed for a day but I need to buy slippers because my boots were really killing my feet.

This something new to me, the first time I see a till without a cashier. Over here, you do your cashiering as most grocery stores do not have a cashier. I grabbed a slipper as my toes were hurting due to the long flight.

The sky showered the place so we have eaten our food inside the car.

The cute mini cheese-ham biscuit. Somehow it fills my empty stomach.

TESCO’s Triple Cheese ☺

Nearby Place in Bedford

The Premier Inn hotel we’ll be staying will not be opened until 2:00 in the afternoon so we have a tour around the nearby areas. The place is beautiful and so quiet and tidy. A shower of rain poured out that day and made that day colder. However, it was still manageable.


We bought a couple of biscuits and drinks while chatting inside the car waiting for the rain to stop. My partner said that we need to bring an umbrella as the weather in the UK is pretty unpredictable. I was glad that I still have my energy after all that long trip.

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