ENGLAND: My First visit to Bedford in the UK

Bedford was the place where my partner had spent most of his childhood days and he told me before that one day, he will give me a tour of the place that is near to his heart and that day had I arrived. The plane had arrived at Heathrow airport and that same day we were heading to Bedford to get some space to stay for a night. It would take a long journey normally about 4 hours if we head directly to his home to the northern part of England which was not a good idea. Thus, we decided to stay at Bedford for a night which only makes sense and besides he wants to show this place- so carry on.



We reached Bedford and had found a Premiere In hotel to stay in, however, the hotel is not open until the afternoon so we decided to go to a store and have something to eat while we wait. We grabbed some foods at TESCO in Bedford, we decided to have a walk in the embankment and around the town center until the room we’re gonna be staying is available.

The placid River Great Ouse flows through the town centre and goes through to the gardens known as the Embankment. It was a peaceful view watching the swans smoothly swimming on the river. Such a lovely morning and so fresh. We had a long walk along the river and stop to watch the lady feeds the swarm of swans.

Bedford is the county town of Bedfordshire, England and used to be the place of my partner where he growed-up. He had quite good childhood memories here before they moved to the northern part of England. He took me on a tour around Bedford.

Well, the weather at that time was not charming but definitely, the view is! The place was so green and fresh and the views were amicable.

Such a beautiful place to walk around in this district. I was tired from my trip and roaming around gives me a little exercise, stretching my legs from sitting for a long period of hours on the plane.

This place is perfect for recreation like walking or walking with your pet, sitting in the park facing the river, fishing, rowing, cycling and etc. I am always fond of taking loads of pictures and I mean really loads of pictures.

Not long and we continued to the town center as it was still early that day. It was cloudy and soon after it started to rain but what I like about it here is it doesn’t rain so heavy so we can still walk around through the rain shower and the cold was still manageable, so no worries.

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