Benefits of Drinking Lukewarm Water on an Empty Stomach

Have you ever tried drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach? Apparently, drinking water once you wake up on an empty stomach may give you numerous health benefits in your body. I have heard about it and I guess some people may have heard it too but there may be other people out there do not have a clue what I am talking about. Although I have heard about this stuff, I may be somewhat neutral here. I’ve got friends and families who do this routine on a regular basis and some who don’t and as far as I can tell they’re both seems fine to me. I’m not saying that it’s okay not to drink water for I’ve also known few people who literally opt-out drinking plain water for some reasons I don’t know why and how they managed it. Anyway, what I’m wondering is if drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach really gives health benefits to our body or not? Could it be it down to our lifestyles, genes or immunity differences?  Today, I decided to write a post and thought of sharing it with my readers. So, let’s tackle it out.

Young as I was, I have always been told to drink a minimum amount of water every day and this has been part of my life. I’ve never been a sick kid and always have the vigor to play with and hang out with my friends. I am a frequent water-drinker but as time goes by I am not as consistent as I used to be. Although there are other drinks offered in the store, when I’m badly thirsty, I prefer still water more than anything else. I can’t trade my still water to any fizzy or sweet drinks~honestly. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like them it’s just that, the only drink that can literally quench my thirst is plain water. Simple as that.

Importance of Water

Water is an internal cleanser! As we all know water is very essential to all human and other living organisms. In biology, our adult human body is as dense as water, made up of approximately 60%  water. No wonder our body needs to be refueled every now and then as it uses water in all its cells, tissues and other organs in order to regulate our body’s temperature. When our body lacks water supply it can cause dehydration that may lead to short or long-term negative diseases such as hypertension, kidney stones, light-headedness, tiredness, headache, dry skin, angina, fever, unconsciousness and etc.

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The Benefits Of Drinking Lukewarm Water On An Empty Stomach

Drinking warm water on an empty stomach helps flushes your bowels, speed up your metabolic rate and releases toxins out from your body that may have been piling up over time.

Helps balances your lymph system. Lymph system acts as a drainage system in our body, transporting fluid (lymph) which helps us fight infections and diseases.

Can give you glowing skin. The largest external organ in our body is the skin. The skin is made up of cells and two-thirds of a cell is water. In the absence of water, the skin will become dry and the organs in our body will not function properly. Drinking water will not give you glowing skin instantly, it’s a gradual process. Water will be delivered first to the other organs in our body before it reaches the skin. Thus, as what advised by the many, drink plenty of fluids to rehydrate your body and the skin will radiance dramatically in time. 

Help you lose weight. Drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach can fill you up and may keep you away from nibbling or reduces your appetite to grab a huge meal for breakfast. This decreases your calorie intake leading you to lose weight and rehydrated. 

Can increase your metabolism. By drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach, it can boost your body’s ability to burn fat and calories even faster. While you’re recovering from dehydration when you were sleeping. However, boosting your metabolism may be helpful but how you manage the food intake for the rest of your days plays a vital role in your overall health.

Helps prevent Kidney Stones. Another simple way to prevent from having kidney stone is to drink plenty of water but please don’t overdo it. Simple as it should be but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. A lot of us find it hard to squeeze it in our time but you can start slowly but surely and consistently. Drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach also helps your guts and kidneys to function even better.

Can boost your immune system. Various diseases underlying in the digestive tract and by drinking warm water every day after you wake up could ward-off toxins before they can cause havoc in your body. It strengthens your immune system and promotes overall health in you.

In addition, drinking water on an empty stomach purifies the colon making it easier to absorb nutrients in the body. Numerous studies and posts have confirmed the advantages of doing this habit, especially in Japan. This morning routine has a healing effect and provides positive results regarding different serious diseases. 

How To Perform Warm Water Treatment?

I made it a habit of drinking lukewarm water early in the morning with an empty stomach. However, there are times I don’t drink the water straight away. Below is my morning ritual on how I perform my water treatment. 

Gargle a lukewarm water with a dash of salt in it and a little vinegar on it for 30 seconds. Vinegar is optional so you may opt-out if you don’t feel like it. I put a little amount of vinegar sometimes but some days, I don’t. I used this as my morning mouthwash. Gargling a lukewarm salt water has anti-inflammatory effects and can make bacteria difficult to breed.

This is also helpful in getting rid of your sore throat and for minor dental surgery. It was my mother and my grandmother who taught me this and I have not experienced a tooth decay at my current age (apart from when I was young, I’ve got two pulled out). Of course, I also visit my dentist at a certain time for appropriate dental care but doing some DIY care for my teeth also helps in maintaining my teeth.

Drink a full small glass of lukewarm water. You may start with a half glass of water then gradually increase the volume after a few days. Wait for about 5 to 10 minutes before start eating your breakfast meal. Drinking warm water regularly in the morning can heal our bodies and strengthens our digestive tract and I think it doesn’t hurt~right?

I have been practicing this for quite a while and to me, it’s just a part of my day as I am used to it. The first few days might be a bit uncomfortable for you if you try this but your body will gradually soon get used to the routine. There are more other advantages when drinking lukewarm water early in the morning on an empty stomach and you can do your own research too. For me, another good thing about this is it wakes me up, energizes me and makes me easily get full on my meal. I also drink regular water before going to bed as this helps me relax and have a sounding sleep. Somehow, I want to believe that it also prevents me from having nightmares. 


Balance and moderation is often the key when we try to do something or apply something and introduce it to our body system. As no human body immune system are alike, we always differ from each other and our body may respond differently to certain things. I would like to dash some grey areas of doing this ritual in the morning and these are the following:

  • Check the acidity of your tap water whenever is possible or necessary. Some people who have guts issues may be sensitive to a ph level or acidity of the water.
  • Use fresh or tap water as much as possible. Freshwater that comes directly from the faucet is likely to be the ideal one.
  • Don’t use boiling or hot water. Let it sets for a while, you don’t want the thin lining of your mouth to scald.
  • Don’t overdo it. Start with a half glass of warm water then gradually increase your intake until you feel comfortable with the amount of water you’ll take. Too much volume of water may also not be good for our body if taken in one go. 

Reasons To Drink Lukewarm Water

I have a friend that seldom drinks water and so far, that friend of mine turned out to be fine. My grandmother normally drinks tepid water in our province since when I was young. My husband’s grandfather whose in his 90yesh normally drink lukewarm water every now and then and he’s a stress-free happy old lad. Japanese women are well known for their healthy elastic skin, slender and toned figures. Some claims that Japanese women’s ritual is drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach as a water treatment and this takes place early in the morning. Could this be one of the reasons why they have wonderful skin? Well, we could possibly learn a thing or two from their lifestyle, init?

However, what could really be the deal here? I believe that lifestyle, immunity differences and genetics plays a certain role in keeping our body in shape. But it doesn’t hurt to drink water and keep ourselves rehydrated to avoid having such ailments mentioned above. Make it a habit of drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach keeping your body rehydrated all throughout the day. However, drink water in moderation. Too much of something is also bad enough. I hope you learn something today my friend. Until then!


Disclaimer: For general information purposes only and you should not use this information as a substitute for your medication. Please refer to your health practitioner.

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