England: A Visit to Cadbury World in Birmingham

Who loves Cadbury Chocolates here? I have a sweet tooth and I love different types of chocolates and Cadbury chocolate is one of my favorites. I have been eating Cadbury chocolates for ages and that’s why I wanted to visit the Cadbury World for a long time but just couldn’t find the right time. Today, I would like to share with you my experience when I and my husband went on a trip to Cadbury World in Birmingham, UK. Actually, this is only a short holiday and the trip is to visit the Warwick Castle in Warwickshire, England and the Cadbury World in Birmingham. On our second day of the tour, we went to Cadbury World and I know that this tour may kind a bit of a child-like thing but I tell you it was an interesting and informative tour. So let’s start with the history of how this favorite chocolate to most of us had all started.


Cadbury is a family business owned by John Cadbury and his brother Benjamin in 1847 and the company became known as “Cadbury Brothers”. In earlier time 1824, John Cadbury used to sell tea, coffee and drinking chocolates when the product was augmented by his sons Richard and George in 1861. They took their business into one market from teas and coffees to Chocolate and introduced it with a more sophisticated quality of cocoa into Britain.

Cadbury World is one of Birmingham’s huge tourist attraction opened on August 14, 1990, by Morgan Anderson on Cadbury’s Bournville where you can explore and discover the history and origin of Cadbury.

Cadbury World

The popularity of the company never seems to slopes down even now, in fact, the company keeps on augmenting their products and the demand for chocolates grows year by year. Their marketing campaign is pretty impressive, inviting tourist and showing how they make their chocolates to their devoted Cadbury chocolate lovers making the company even more popular all around the world.

During the time of our visit, the Cadbury World was up with a “Halloween” theme special. The entrance and some parts of the places were pretty spooky but cute and they had a scary work-of-art Halloween ghost and a lot more. I like this statue here because it really looks real to me except that he moves. He was just stuck there on the side and people are not minding him and when you’re caught off guard, only then he’ll start to move that would definitely scare you especially if you’re near him.

Another thing is there’s a giant witch in the entrance that caught my attention. I have never seen such tallest witch ever in my life, well, actually, I haven’t seen a real one but this one is funny. How tall is she? What do you reckon? I can’t even reckon how the witch manages to walk with that huge shoes in her feet.

There was a long queue getting our tickets for the self-guided exhibition tour and obviously, most of the guest were children along with their parents or guardians and I felt like me and my husband was like kids once again. Waah, it was good to be there and feel like a child at least once in a while. We quite both love doing some kids stuff though. Once you have your ticket, the crew will give you a handful of chocolates for free on your way into the Cadbury History tour as a complimentary or a gift per ticket.

The Cadbury World exhibits was a family-friendly activity presented by dedicated people who plays the role of the Cadbury family in the short film they aired in one of the rooms there. Inside the establishment offers a different section of facilities for presentation such as a human tour guide with displays of video and graphics, actual machinery and other types of equipment, state-of-the-art animated rides, displays and informative lectures about how the company began.

We did a few adventures inside like riding the Cadabra Joy Ride and I love how those cute little things along the side of the rails have some-what a world of their own. We also experienced the 4D Adventure which tells you how the Cadbury Chocolate started.

There was also a demo show as to how they make their chocolate and tourist can buy chocolates and confectionery from the establishment directly at a reasonable price.

This is the world’s biggest Cadbury shop and in their shop,  you will find different variations of chocolates at a low low price! Just so nice to grab some for a present for your family. Definitely, kids would really love this kind of trip.

The tour took us about more than 2 hours yet we were still not able to see all of the sites there. Too bad as we ran out of time as usual. However, it was quite nice though that I know about the background of this great chocolate company as I dearly love their chocolates.

Watching the 4D adventure with my hubby was wonderful feeling I can’t explain, somehow it brings me back being a child. However, again the queue here was very long and you need to get early if you decide to ride on this 4D chocolate adventure otherwise, you won’t make it.

Cadbury’s Personalised Message

You can buy and have something like this personalised message written on top of the Cadbury chocolate if you wish to give to someone for any special occasion.

My Souvenir

Isn’t this little thing nice? Yeah I know he looked a bit too strong there in that picture, he’s just protecting his Cadbury chocolates but his still cute nonetheless. I have this tiny bear bought from the shop inside the Cadbury World shop, plus, the giveaways chocolates we’ve got on the exhibition tour.

How to get there:

By the way, our tour was booked at National Holidays-a company that offers weekend breaks or short breaks from across the United Kingdom and Europe. The National Holidays coach trip company has its own huge bus equipped with facilities such as onboard toilet, seat belt, and small table a bit similar to the ones in an airplane. The ride most of the time is smooth, comfortable and the view of the countryside is stress-relieving as always. The driver on the bus was also nice and funny, well, lots of them are. On your trip, you don’t have to worry about meals and a place to stay as the tour includes hotel accommodation with breakfast and evening meal. So less-hassle and stress-free short holiday, isn’t it?

The downside is, there’s not much time set-up or given when you arrive at your destination for the specified trip. Most of the time, you are only given a couple of hours or so to explore the places you’ll have to visit. Therefore, you can’t have proper time to dwell well with the places because of the short time provided but perhaps to some people the time interval is just enough. I think it is best to visit places in a conventional way, driving on your own way going there and have all your time at your own convenience. The thing is you might literally be ended up exhausted once you arrive at your destination. That’s it for today about my story when I visited the Cadbury World in Birmingham and I hope you enjoy reading it. Until next time.

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