CEBU: I dined at SIAM (Thai Cuisine)

 Cebu Food Trip

I have seen this restaurant quite often in the terraces in Ayala but I never think of dining here not because I am not a fan of Thai cuisine but it just that it didn’t cross my mind. Until one day, I decided to give it a go and try some of their foods. It was Sunday noontime and after church, I and my family went to this authentic Thai cuisine. The first time I set my foot on the doorstep, a petite young lady greeted me with a warm welcoming smile. Inside the restaurant is a bit spacious from the front dining and gets slightly narrowed in the hallway straight to the washing area/comfort room. The interior design of the place is candid with the Buddhist background, obviously structured by its own culture and the furniture, walls, and ceilings are influenced by urban design.

Thai foods switch on the fundamental senses of the tongue: sweet, salty, sour, spicy and bitter and their foods have a lovely texture, smell, and flavor.  Thai cuisine symbolizes the four main regions of their country: Central Thai cuisine, Northeastern Thai cuisine, Northern Thai cuisine and Southern Thai cuisine.

Cebu Ayala Mall Terraces

Thai Spring Rolls

So Thai cuisine also has spring rolls. I love spring rolls! I am an avid fan of spring rolls even before when I was young. This is always present in our table on every special occasion like birthdays, Christmas and new year’s day especially the vegetable one. I love both the meat and vegetable versions of it but I would like to prefer the vegetable rolls and what they serve to me is the vegetable crispy spring roll and I was happy with that.


Grilled Premium Ribs in Barbecue Sauce

The food was nice and well-cooked but I don’t know what’s the difference between Filipino and Thai ribs or spare ribs food in barbecue sauce. The looks and the taste are identical to me but still, it is delicious to my tastebuds!

Sauteed Prawns in Garlic

So garlicky huh!. On my plate was a fried garlic rice with grilled spareribs, the crispy spring rolls and the sauteed prawn in garlic. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a decent picture of this sauteed prawn on the plate before I ate them. I also love prawns and for some reason, the smell and the taste of this food taste the same as the way we cook it and once again, it’s a win-win taste to me. Well, prawns always taste good no matter how you cook it, guess it’s undebatable.

Buko Pandan

I chose Buko pandan of all the dessert I saw on the menu. I fall for Buko pandan given that it was pretty hot that day and I believe that a serving of Buko pandan will refresh me and yes truly it did. The Buko pandan came with a vanilla ice cream with some sesame seeds on to of it. I noticed that from my point of view, all the foods I ate that day are wholly similar to Filipino foods and they were all too good. I am delighted.

I guess I did not try the foods that are much closer to their culture, probably because I was a bit reluctant thinking I might get disappointed afterward which I should have, though. Most of them have great feedback from people who have been here. I would like to visit the place once again and next time, I’m going to try their Tom Yum Prawn soup, Crispy Noodles with Mango Salad, Pad Thai Noodles with egg, Bangkok Express, Krua Thai Chili Crabs and etc.

If you happened to be in Ayala Mall and you fancy eating in the terraces, try to pay a visit in SIAM Thai cuisine and give yourself a try on any of their foods. I love the simplicity of the place, I enjoyed my foods and we had a great time and the staff was so warm and attentive. Mind you, their comfort room is refreshing, smells like a sweet spicy aroma in the forest. I am glad we tried this place, I just love their foods.

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