CEBU: Visit the Sirao Flower Garden this Summer

Okay, so my friend invited me to visit this new trending place in Cebu, the Sirao Flower Garden. The place is situated in the mountain of Sirao, Busay with a geographical location of 10° 18′ 0″ North, 123° 54′ 0″ East of Cebu, Philippines. I have heard some good feedback about this place the reason we decided to see the venue. I am fascinated by the colors and uniqueness of each flower in this world so I was thinking that perhaps I’ve got to see these flower farm as what most people had talked about and then see them for myself.

The Mini Amsterdam of Cebu

They also call this place as Mini Amsterdam as it is a flower farm that captivates the eyes of the many and that is what Amsterdam is known for. We arrived at the location and across the road, just below the ground was a field full of flowers. There were steps going down but first of all, you have to pay the entrance fee of 20 pesos per head to give you access to this farm. I’m glad it was bright and sunny that day because I think those steps will tend to become muddy when it rains. Therefore, please watch your steps.

One of our daily local newspaper had featured this place in the news which added more popularity to the site. We decided to visit the place yesterday after my work had finished. We’d hurried up because the owner of the farm is about to harvest these flower and it might have been too late for us to see them.

The combination of golden yellow and red velvet flowers really invites your eyes to stay a bit longer. These flowers were intended to be sold in the market this coming All Souls Day to offer flowers to our loved ones who’d already passed away (which is part of our culture). However, the family changed their mind when people started visiting their farm and thought they could generate income from the visitors.

It was perfect weather when we got there. The sun shone so brightly which added more vibrant colors to the flowers.

A variety of flowers grows here but the common one is Celosia argentea. It was worth it to witness the kindness of nature and these innocent vibrant flowers all lining up.

Sirao Garden Flower

As I was walking on the pathway, I noticed that some of the flowers were damaged. Other people had stepped on them and couldn’t care enough so long they can have a great selfie. It made me upset having thought about it. Visitors can walk on the pathways instead and keep the flowers safe. However, other people have just made their own way to get into the flowers ending up of ruining them. I hope the future visitors will practice being responsible and refrain from stepping on these gorgeous flowers. In the hope that other people may also witness the alluring beauty of these flowers.

How to get there: 

The starting point of our trip was from JY Square Mall as you can see the map above. You will need to use your own vehicle or catch a ride on a motorbike also known as “habal-habal”. There are no jeepney routes to take you there. It will take about 30 minutes for you to reach the place from JY Square, Lahug, Cebu. Near JY Square Mall is where you can look for a motorcyclist to pay and take you there.

The fare is 200 pesos back and forth and the driver who takes you there will most likely be waiting for you to take you back on your return journey. The flowers on this farm are so lovely and the ambiance of the place is peaceful. So if you are fond of flowers like me, probably you might consider visiting this place. By the way, you may visit my gallery as I have a collection of flower images which I took myself and can be seen in my flower gallery.

Tips when Visiting Sirao Flower Garden:
  1. Visit the garden on a bright and sunny day. This will help you take great pictures of the flowers and selfies.
  2. Where comfortable footwear. Some of the pathways nearby the flowers are a bit muddy unless you don’t mind the dirt on your feet.
  3. Some motorbike driver drives so fast so ask the driver first for a helmet for your safety when traveling.
  4. Negotiate regarding your transportation fare to avoid overpricing. Do not hesitate to haggle with the driver until you come up with the price you both agreed.
  5. Bring a camera with you and ensure that you have enough power on your phone or camera. In that case, you can capture great photos and moments during your visit.

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