ENGLAND: My Flight Experience from Abu Dhabi to Heathrow,UK

Connecting Flight

Having a connecting flight is a bit exhausting but it was a great journey for me as well. I am pretty excited to spend my summer holiday in the UK with my partner and through this connecting flight soon I will get there in London. We had planned our summer vacation already months ago and after all those hectic visa procedures, finally, it is starting to get on as we planned. I had a connecting flight starting from Cebu, to Manila with a stopover to Clark Pampanga. Soon after that the plane flew heading to Abu Dhabi and from Abu Dhabi to Heathrow, London.

It was the 27th of June 2015 about past 12 midnight when I arrived at Abu Dhabi International airport. I had a long walked to get to the boarding gate at gate 33. I was waiting for my flight heading to Heathrow, London. I feel so very excited thinking that only one more plane to ride and I will be seeing my partner again in his country. I will be seeing London very soon. Whenever I think about it, it makes me bored in the boarding gate waiting for the time of my flight. I want to pull the time so it will run fast.

At the boarding gate in Abu Dhabi airport.

Patiently waiting for my flight to Heathrow, London. Just a few more hours left and the plane will be here in a moment. I had a chance to talk to a Filipina woman while waiting on the plane.

Eventually, the time has come for me to ride the ETIHAD Airways again heading to Heathrow. A picture was taken inside the plane. I am the only one sitting in this lane and I love it.

Herewith is a guide from the starting point to the destination shown at the back of the seat. The plane is not flying yet and I am already bored wants to go to sleep. This is my favorite seat if I ride an airplane. I feel comfortable plus I can see the clouds and other views through the window.

There were not many people on this trip. Another thing that I love during this trip as I was the only one passenger on this row. Then I can move freely and own the space. I love the comfort of this blanket.

A menu was hand over for the foods we want to have for this trip plus, they offered a light snack at this time.

I had orange juice, a bread, a piece of chocolate, water and a small packet of apples for a light snack.

As you can see on the yellow line, the plane is now flying slowly moving away from Abu Dhabi International airport. I had a good sleep and from time to time need to go to the comfort room. I had a peaceful journey on my way to Heathrow. It was a long journey. I guess it took seven or nine hours of flying to reach London.  Not long now and we’re almost there. The flight stewardess gave us a towel to refresh ourselves. I love my seat as I can extend the back of it without disturbing the people in my back. That way, I can stretch my arms and my legs. We are expected to arrive in Heathrow London at 7:15 in the morning.

The crew serves us a full good meal for breakfast before landing. I had a mushroom omelet, chicken sausage, tomato and hash brown potato. I also have a bread with a jam or preserve and some seasonal fresh fruits as my appetizer.

My favorite, strawberry yogurt as for my dessert.

Seems like everyone was happy having their meal and their tummies were full and so am I. However, there was a family on the plane I was not happy about. One passenger before me placed all their family trashed (foods and plastics on the tray) on the table in my row after they’ll have finished eaten their food. So very rude and unethical and I felt so disappointed for them.

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