England: Our Holiday Trip to Blackpool

My husband and I got a bit bored being stuck in the house, so we went on a trip to Blackpool, Lancashire. Our original trip to Cadbury world had been canceled because their hotel rooms are fully booked. So we went to Blackpool instead down to England north-west coast. We got curious about the place, its well-known hotel, the Grand Metropole Hotel standing in front of the sea which is one of the popular ancient hotels in this place. Furthermore, we walked around that time in comedy carpet floor and went to the famous Blackpool Tower.

At June 26, 2016, we left the house at 8:05 in the morning and had walked for about 35 minutes to get to Stockton town centre to catch the bus which was due at 9:05 in the morning. When we arrived there were plenty of other people waiting also for bus pickups.

The bus arrived late due to a cycling event which meant the town centre was partially closed which had confused the bus drivers.

The bust left the place at 9:12 that morning.

The travel took about more than 2 hours and 30 minutes before we reached Blackpool, we had a stop-over at RoadchefKillington Lake South Motorway Services. My husband and I decided to get off on the bus to have a look at the area and stretch out our legs as well.

There is a magnificent view at the back of the place where you can get something to eat. The place is so breathtaking! The air is so fresh and so quiet. So if you happen to stop over here, you try to go in here to grasp some great air.

I got this lovely picture while the bus was running heading to Blackpool. Other people sleep while they are traveling but as for me and my hubby, we love to watch the countryside as we go on a trip given that there were loads of gorgeous scenery in the countryside.

I posted a map to our destination and not long now and we will be in Blackpool by the way the trip was peaceful and calm and there were only a few people on this trip. I decided to start writing my blog as soon as I get on the bus.

The Grand Metropole Hotel

We had booked for one night on this outing a couple of days before the trip and my hubby paid for £98 for two. This includes buffet breakfast in Grand Metropole Hotel. As soon as we arrived at the hotel, we were directed to the function room to place our belongings there. There were two whiteboards standing in the room, one for arrival and one for departure. An instruction was provided to leave our things and one of the porters will bring our things to our respective rooms. 

We arrived at the hotel almost lunch time so we ate our packed lunch in this room. When we had a closer look at the hotel, it looks so tired. I have written a different post for my feedback regarding the Grand Metropole Hotel. The weather was not lovely it was cloudy and looks like it’s going to rain anytime soon but after our lunch, we decided to have a look around the place as our room in the hotel is not available until 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon.

We walked in some of the streets here like in Victoria Street and Corporation Street in Blackpool. The place was wet as the sky started to pour out rains. The Winter Garden is in Victoria street while this lovely lamp post is in Corporation Street Blackpool.

This is the Promenade Street. You can see the Blackpool Tower. The tourist attraction in Blackpool, Lancashire, England. We also want to experience getting into that tower and watch the view of this place from the top. On this street, they have a tramway path on the road for their Blackpool transport. The structure of that massive lamp posts standing in the middle of the pathway was so edgy.  It was already past 9 o’clock in the evening that’s why there were not many people on the street when we took the picture.

I have been seeing this bus before even in London but never have tried riding on it. I hope one day I can ride on this.                                       
Had a selfie with this tram with hubby.


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