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Who hasn’t heard of James Arthur? Of course, we have heard about him and a lot of people know how he reached stardom and a new status in life. He became a phenomenon in the music industry particularly here in the UK. My husband and I also wanted to see him perform one day and alas! he had a concert not too far away from where we live. So I and my hubby decided to go and watch the show. Most of the time, we share the same interests in music and artists. As a matter of fact, it’s always him who surfs the internet for gigs and other concerts by different artists. This is not the first concert we’ve been to. We have seen Jessie J, UB40, almost Aerosmith and I am looking forward to seeing more artists in the future. This happened a few months ago and I thought of writing a post to share my experience of this concert. I hope you’ll enjoy reading and watching the videos as well.

By the way, for those who do not have a clue who James Arthur is, here’s a little bit of information about him and if you fancy digging for more, you can always look him up in Google. For those still here, James Arthur is a British singer and songwriter, a local lad who used to live in Saltburn By The Sea which is about 30 minutes away from where we live😉. James Arthur used to live a rough life, troubled and was bullied in his younger years but look where he is now? Who can tell someone’s destiny? He seems a nice guy though despite his flaws and he is still humble and grateful to his fans for putting him where he is right now. That could be the reason why he always gives his best in his every performance to his fans who supported him from the start.

The concert was held in the Newcastle Metro Radio Arena and we chose the VIP Package because we wanted to be nearer the stage. The VIP Package included a VIP pass for James Arthur’s concert, a signed poster and a small pocket notebook with his name and trademark on the front together with premium seating.

The James Arthur Back from the Edge Arena Tour ticket cost £99.55 plus a fee of £10.25 for a total amount of £109.80 per head and there were two of us which cost us £219.60. Seriously, where we were seated in the VIP area was good but not the best view ever though as we were at the side of the stage. We reckoned it would have been better to stand in the crowd for a better view. We will consider doing that next time.

So below are the items inside the VIP package I mentioned earlier which I think make good souvenirs. The main event was due to start quite late which would have been too late to get a train back home so we decided to stay at a hotel instead.  We booked a hotel room in advance for us to stay in for the night and that was just for us to be able to see the James Arthur concert.

My hubby doesn’t like to drive to Newcastle, not because it takes an hour but because there wouldn’t be many places to park due to this event. As a matter of fact, when we were searching for a hotel room to stay in for the night, most of the hotels near to the arena were already fully booked with no more rooms available. Luckily, we found one and it was only a short distance away from the arena. What can I say about the hotel? Well, it was marvelous. 

As usual, there was a queue outside before we could get in the concert arena but we got lucky because the VIP queue was empty.  We went in swiftly after the security had checked my bag. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that selfie sticks are not allowed in the arena, so I had no choice but to chuck my selfie stick straight into the bin. We arrive just in time and the whole place was fully packed with people.

It was Ella Henderson that was performing when we were on our way to find our seats and mind you, she has a gorgeous voice I was instantly amazed by her. We listened to her songs for about forty-five minutes and when her time was up, the stage went dim and the crews were preparing to modify the stage, set up their instruments for the main event that night, James Arthur. James Arthur’s special guest which was Ella Henderson had joined the X Factor too in the same year as James did but she didn’t make it to the final but still went on to forge a successful career in music.

In fact, both these artists have awesome voices when singing live. One of the reasons I was excited to see him performing live was knowing that someone near our place had become famous. He won the ninth (9) series of “The X Factor” in 2012 with his winning song “Impossible” which was his debut single. This single went number one in the UK singles chart after it was released during its first week. Another famous song of his is “Say You Won’t Let Go” and I bet you have heard that one already. 

James Arthur’s Gig

When James Arthur showed up on stage, everyone in the crowd went crazy including me🤣. The crowd was with James Arthur and everyone was feeling the beat surrounding the place. He entertained the crowd and kudos to the sound system, it was superb, clear and loud.

It was a wonderful feeling to witness an artist singing his famous songs that I’d only heard previously on the radio. I like a live performance where everything is raw, the voice and the instruments (no backing tracks).

By the way, there was one thing which I was not aware of, never put your belongings under the seating if you don’t want to go home dirty and smelly. Other people’s rubbish like crisps, cans of soda and booze were most likely hidden under the seating. So just a heads up to those who will watch a concert because my husband’s jacket was wet with booze and it was all over his jacket with some kind of mud in some parts of it.

On this video, James Arthur gives thanks, showing gratitude to all the people in the crowd for voting for him in the X-Factor that totally changed his life. He sang his debut single “Impossible” and the crowd starting to scream and joining in the singing. One of the other songs he sang was “Safe Inside” which was my favorite as well. As the music went on, I noticed confetti started to come down which added more drama to the venue.

Random stolen shots from James Arthur’s concert as he performs in the Metro Radio Arena. This was the first time I had seen him perform and it was lovely.

They say that after the release of debut studio album of James Arthur, he was involved in a series of controversies. This led iTunes to offer refunds for the album. The single release “Recovery” made to number 19, while the sales for the fourth single “Get Down” hardly made the top 100. Arthur parted ways with Simon Cowell’s record label Syco in 2014. In 2015, he signed a new deal with Columbia Records to release his second studio album in 2016, titled Back from the Edge. Arthur was also re-signed to Syco in 2016.

He had an amazing special guest which was Ella Henderson who entertains the audience before the main event. I was blown away by her voice. On this video is Ella Henderson and she is awesome. When she sang one of her songs “Ugly” I was stunned by her voice but most of all, the lyrics hit me right through my senses when she sang the chorus part saying:

It’s okay to be lost and feel lonely
Sometimes I just don’t know what I’m doing
One day, I’m beautiful, then I’m ugly
But those days, they remind me that I’m human
So go ahead and rip, tear me apart
‘Cause I’m not afraid of my flaws
If the scars on my skin make me ugly
Then let’s get ugly
Let’s get ugly

On this video James Arthur and Ella Henderson sang their duet “Let’s Go Home Together” and it was pretty awesome. Later on, the concert ended with James Arthur singing his famous song “Say You Won’t Let Go” for the finale.

I can’t remember what song he sang when this photo was taken but he was pleasant to watch performing on the stage. He seems like a nice guy, a great artist, and songwriter.

Channeling his emotions through his music and lyrics, putting them into a melody is a talent. I wish him all the best in his career and may he still continue writing songs that touch people’s hearts.

I certainly loved the red confetti that was dancing in the air as it slowly poured down into the crowd. We had a great time and another bonding evening with my hubby even though I lost my beloved selfie stick and his jacket smelt of booze and was pretty sticky. Until next time! ☺

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