England: Trip to Newquay for a Holiday

Hello everyone! I hope all’s well to each and every one of you who come across my blog. Today I would like to share with you my first-year journey to married life. I have not been long here in the UK and this year my husband and I celebrated our very first wedding anniversary, Yay! Anyway, it’s nothing fancy but as we all know, every couple has its own unique way of celebrating their anniversary. Meanwhile, we decided to spend our first wedding anniversary by visiting other places here in the UK  rather than going abroad instead. In the like manner, this may help me get to know about the places and the country itself in general. So this year we spent our special day in Newquay! It was a weekend gateway trip to Newquay but of course, it’s not only for a holiday because that day was special to us. 


We were looking for a place to spend our anniversary perhaps nearby the coast and we’re hoping to have lovely weather then because the British weather is very typical and unpredictable. My husband chooses the places as he says the temperature of the weather there is a little bit warmer if we get lucky enough compared to the north where we’re at. Newquay is in the southwest of England and a town on the north of Cornwall. The place is popular for its golden-bronzy sandy Fistral beach and Watergate bay beaches. Also, not to mention other leisures you can do and visit like their good-natured tropical gardens, Blue reef aquarium, fantastic restaurants and takeaways, and apparently the dwelling of their lions, wildebeest and other animals in Newquay Zoo. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to visit a few of these destinations due to time demand – such a shame. We walked around the places though and visited the seashore instead. We stayed in Bay Marina hotel in Newquay which is just right in front of the seashore. The hotel was clean and hospitable-quite the average type which works fine with us. 

The trip includes a meal for breakfast and supper and they have lovely foods on the menu to choose from. They have a tidy and a decent wide place for the dining area and I like it how simple they kept the interior design inside. The downside though is, it would be much better if the table is a bit bigger otherwise you will eat and end up with an elbow quest to the next person sitting beside you. 

The room we got was a sea view and just right in front of the road. You can just sit right there in your chair with your cup of tea or Larga drink and watch things as it happens or observes the people passing by if you are that type of individual. Another bonus thing to this was, the sunset! She’s painting the sky with spectacular colours! It was a wonderful privilege for me to witness the sunset every time it sets to the horizon which such view I was deprived of. This picturesque view I took as I sat on the chair and it was magical. It’s as if as though the heavens open and shared its ray of lights to the world before darkness entirely took over the place. It reminds me that there’s always a new beginning at the end of the day.

The Waiting

Once upon a time, there was I taking a pose but actually waiting. There we were, waiting for the coach to pick us up at the bus station area. It didn’t take that long before the bus arrived to pick us up. This was the starting point of our journey- the bus station and besides, it was not that far from our house, perhaps about 5 to 7 minutes, so we had a walked instead. The trip takes about 6 hours or so with more or less 419 miles away from home. This has been a long journey as it took an entire day going to Newquay and of course, with few breaks, it was already dark when we reached our destination at tea time.

By the time we entered the room, we were already tired yet I have to start unpacking and prepared our clothes for tomorrow’s adventure. This was a weekend trip and our itinerary was to explore the place as far as we could the next day and on the following day, travel to Padstow and on the next day after that was to visit an island called the “Isle of Scilly”. The remaining days we had was all up to us how we spent it. In our case, we love taking pictures on the coastline so we spent our time taking shots on the gorgeous scenery of the place.

The Views

The view from the background was fantastic and I can’t help to take a selfie as the waters from the sea gracefully spread like a carpet on the stillness of the sand. This reminds me of when I was in Boracay in the Philippines. 

I tell you what, this place is very lovely and peaceful in fact, there are respected benches designated around the edges outside the road where you can take a rest from a long walk and enjoy the scenic view of the area. From the high blue sky where birds flying freely to the rigid green mountains and throw your worries away to the breadth of the ocean ahead of you. Let your thoughts wander to the broadness of this sea. I believe that one of the wonderful things to do in life is sometimes not doing anything at all but just be still. Feeling every moment while taking your own pace.

We were lucky that day because the sun was so generous as she shone so bright and kept the day warm and sunny. We had a couple of drinks as we sat outside on them one of the benches while watching the people passing by enjoying the beautiful weather. More often than not, we seldom get this kind of consistently warm weather in the north so we made it sure that we’ll take its benefits fully. Cheers!

This is one of the places that I liked to visit: fascinating overlooking view. Whether you would want to sit on the bench and stare at this view or walk around the beach down there both give you the spirit of calmness. There are few coves around these areas and from the top photo, I noticed it was peaceful that day while the image below is where enthusiastic people gathered around and mostly youngsters. Perhaps this is a good spot for watersports particularly surfing.

Wandering Around

Well, it’s just me sitting on the grass facing the beach and contemplating. If you fancy walking and wants to go here, when you move out of the entrance of the hotel, cross the road and take left. It only takes a few walks straight ahead until you can see few junctions further up where you have to pass the Victoria Hotel. Until you can see Kayes Pharmacy from the left side of the road there’s a junction on your right it is near where Frankie and Benny’s restaurant and even from there you can see this view from a distance already. 

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