ENGLAND: The Grand Metropole Hotel in Blackpool

This post is my review of this hotel that I visited on June 26, 2016. One of the main reason I decided to go to Blackpool for a trip is to visit this famous Britannia hotel in Blackpool, the Grand Metropole Hotel. Then, me and my husband we’ll just roam around after that as we planned. The trip was booked in a double standard room for a night at a fair price of £98. The hotel is like a castle to me with its beautiful red bricked sheltering its whole body and a non-identical cream-like tower erected on each side from the top catches my eyes. A trip for two which includes the transportation and buffet breakfast.

This hotel is over 200 years old, a historic hotel that draws me to pay a visit in it. It originally began in 1776, one of the two oldest hotel in Blackpool, England. Standing egotistically near the seashore which gives you a complete view of the Irish sea. I am pleased with historical places and ruins because somehow, it made me feel I am traveling back to the ancient time and the remains have seen the changes of the world until it reaches in my era.

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It was already lunchtime when we arrived at the hotel and the hotel is not open until late in the afternoon. We had our packed lunched and ate in the function room then later have a short walk to go by the nearby areas. It was 3:00 o’clock when we get back to the hotel and our room is now ready for check-in. When you book your travel, you think of other things like the service and rate the experience you’ve had after or at the end of your trip. So, when we came to the hotel room, I was a bit upset to see the state of the hotel inside as it was not the way we expected it.

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The room was not clean properly and there was that unpleasant smell that welcomed us into the hotel room. We smell cigarette butts all around the room and the utensils look like it was not properly been washed because the spoon was sticky and have some blots or smudge on top of it. There were also crumbs on the table which only tells that this one indeed was not wiped very well. The pillow covers have molds underneath plus the outdated television. I don’t mind about the tele honestly, we didn’t even bother turning it on. Not to mention the worn out doorknob.

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You may want to avoid ending up with this particular room when you book your vacation in this hotel because the view is not pleasing to both eyes and nose. I saw a bird poop pasted to the window, a spoon wandering on the rooftop and a dead-rotten bird lying in the rain as these are the views you can see outside in this room. I had to open the window so I can breathe but all I saw down outside the window were those wet-cigarette butts and ashes hugged on the wall.

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The curtain was really no matched for the window but it doesn’t matter it still serves its purpose. The carpet perhaps needs a little bit more of touch with cleaning and scrub the stains off. We honestly don’t fancy the room and it’s showing on my husband’s face.

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This is the bathroom and it could have been nice if there were towels and soap or any condiments in it like shampoo or conditioner or even a mini toothpaste as a courtesy– but there were none of these. These kind of things don’t really bother me much as I always bring my own stuff. The toilet bowl seems clean but I think they can do something on that rusty thing inside there and take it out or perhaps replace the bowl. The bathtub was a bit old in fact, one of the screws in it wants to go.

We decided to look for another place to stay in for a night as we definitely cannot spend a night inside that room. It was in dire need of help and proper care. The stink was intense that it suffocates us both smelling the cigar all over that room.

Anyway, we found a gorgeous Ibis Styles hotel not far from Grand Metropole hotel. It did not take us long to find the proper hotel that could make us comfortable to stay even only for one night.  

The Lobby:


Their lobby area was spacious and the ambiance was fine and their stairway was nice as well. This hotel is a little bit outdated and with its old design and style, it is absolutely an art of history which I quite like that part except their sofa as it was indeed ancient and perhaps may need a replacement.


I love the chandelier and the fastidious corners of their ceiling.


I also like the stairs but not their lift as it was a bit too low and scary.

I like that Gothic chandelier hanging from the ceiling at the center of the receiving area as well as on the staircase. The senior red pattern carpet matched on the walls and the stairs remind me of the Titanic hallway. Below were pictures of their function room or restaurant and it’s quite hefty and elegant and there were few people eating that morning.

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