The Secret and Health Benefits of a Power Nap

You may be caught up in the middle of your work when you feel so sleepy or tired. When drowsy strike you feel the need to recharge and what are you gonna do? Probably sleep, chat, drink or nap? You want to sleep but you know there’s no way you can or else you’ll be in trouble. Then, I reckon what you need is a power nap! Who doesn’t want it? At one point, we need to rest regardless of what we do in life. If we can’t sleep then maybe we need that stealing moment-a power nap to help us fuel back our energy. Although there are other alternative ways on how to keep yourself awake just to get through the day. However, my topic for today is why it is good to steal a nap and what health benefits we can get from it for that small amount of time we take? I believe that as we grow older, sleep become one of our luxuries as we tend to become hectic with our busy routines. When you think you need to recharge it would be good not to lean on coffee and caffeine (I am guilty of this stuff too way back before) as some say that it tends to make you tired and more sleepy.

Though I know taking a nap does not apply in most scenarios especially at work, you don’t want your boss to see you leaning your face on your desk sleeping, daydreaming during office hours. However, doing a power nap helps boost your cognitive skills, energy and mental alertness provided you do it at the right time and in the right place. I’ve known a few who can easily fall asleep when they lean their back on the couch. In a minute you were talking to a friend and the next, she’s already daydreaming beside you on the couch. No wonder your friend is no longer responding to what you said. Some just easily fell asleep anywhere whenever they lean their back against to anything while others just have a hard time taking a nap for some reasons.

Power Nap

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As for me, I don’t know how to nap before not only because I don’t want to but sometimes it is hard to squeeze in that habit to my lifestyle. Eventually, as time goes by I thought that I should include it in my cycle because it seems good for our health and I feel like I am missing the chance of doing it. Previously, in the office, I’ve seen a lot of my workmates love taking a nap and when they’ve woken up from a lunch or a short break, I can see the different looks on their faces, they look fresh and more alert. They really felt good inside after that small amount of time shutting their busy mind and body off for a nap. So, here I want to share with you the positive side of a power nap.

Where to take a Nap

Even if you are on your own in the office and so busy or at home and you’re not doing anything, that will still make you feel sleepy and tired probably because you’ve got no one to talk to. Sometimes it’s like that. Anyway, finding a perfect place for you to take a nap can be challenging especially if you are in a different environment with people in the workplace, school and even at home. If you are in the workplace and you are allowed to nap on your break, then, I would suggest you look for a comfortable and quiet place where fewer people access that area yet you can be safe and make sure that you have your alarm turns on.

As I have mentioned I am not a nap lover for I think it’s just a waste of time but that had changed my view lately. I’ve been through a lot of drudgery in the office and I felt like my brain, my eyes and my body is screaming for a break in between so I think I needed a change. I usually spent my time chatting with my colleagues in the office during my lunch break but as my workload keeps on increasing as time goes by, I thought that taking a nap on my break is what I needed just to cope and keeps me going for the entire day.

The Art of Napping

That’s it I started doing it but I don’t sleep on my desk instead, I use my lunch or short break to take a nap to catch up. When I have my lunch break, I search for a quiet place where I am comfortable for a power nap. It took me a few practices to get used to it and since then it became my habit. It’s been a while now and guess what? I feel different and it felt really good. I’ve been recharged and feel so fresh taking a half an hour or sometimes 40 minutes of a power nap.

Why You Should Power Nap Every day

So how important is a power nap? What benefits you can get from it and how long you can nap to get such benefits? According to the study by researchers and author at the Weill Cornell Medical College in White Plains, N.Y., and published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (February 2011), concluded that napping does not only increases older people a total sleep time without producing daytime sleepiness but also provides measurable cognitive benefits as napping increased the time spent in slow-wave and rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep, which are thought to play a vital help in restoring the body and brain. The study has participants with an age bracket of 22 to 83 years old healthy men and women evaluated in a sleep laboratory for a long and short nap and turns out to be that neither disrupted nighttime sleep or led to daytime sleepiness.

According to National Sleep Foundation, a power nap of 20-30 minutes can help to improve ones’ mood, alertness, and performance. Here are some famous nappers who valued an afternoon nap I found online; Leonardo da Vinci, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Eleanor Roosevelt, Napoleon, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and George W. Bush.

Benefits of Power Nap

More detailed information about napping can be found on the internet. However, below are some of the benefits I personally experienced when I started embracing power nap.

It makes me more productive. I can’t get my brain working when it’s started draining trying to solve an issue in the office and feel so dry and cranky, can’t get motivated. However, loads of ideas are flowing in my brain after I had a power nap and I’m back to being productive as it increases its cognitive functioning.

It increases my patience. My job is very demanding and “patience is a virtue” saying really applies to my job.

It improves my mood. It helps me calm even in a stress situation in the office. I feel a bit lighter and alive when going back to my desk after I had a power nap.

It promotes alertness. I tend to be more focus and alert when driving or when trying to get through a difficult task at work.

It soothes my eyes. I spend the whole time staring at the computer which gives me eye strain and dried my eyes the more. By closing my eyes and a power nap really helps my eyes to relax.

Power Nap

Just how much time these big cats spend time snoozing under the shade of this tree. Talking about power nap, these females get about 15 to 18 hours of catnap!

Types of Nap

Some people do make a schedule of their nap to keep their circadian rhythm or body rhythm and maximize the benefits. Other people take a nap out of habitual napping by taking a nap at the same time every day. Some may take a nap strictly for enjoyment. Others just happen to power nap because they feel sleepy and their eyelids are pressing down the button to snooze. I started loving napping because it refreshed me and helps me feel good. My break at work is flexible but demanding so I don’t really have the routine for a power nap. While at home, I nap whenever I feel sleepy. I usually feel sleepy after having my lunch meal which means it’s time for a power nap.

Our mind would work better if we have rested. Before, I used to be one of those who thought that a power nap is a bother. To me, it will only crave you more sleep and sometimes it may cause you a headache. But actually, there are some pretty good benefits of a power nap. As I’ve mentioned, it increases your thinking, enhances your creativity, improves your memory, decreases your stress level and etc.

Learn to Embrace Power Nap

Napping is likely about 10, 20, 30 minutes or 60 minutes power nap. At least 90 minutes of a shuteye is good to avoid feeling groggy. In this way, it also makes it is easier to wake up. Napping helps our cortisol hormones known as the stress hormone to combat the stress we had for the day. So I guess we have to put napping into practice. Napping does not mean a person is lazy or unambitious but oftentimes these are the people who are more productive.

Your officemate or classmate caught you in the act banging your head in the air because you doze off. That may not be cool to look at. However, at least be thankful that you easily fall asleep. Other people may find it hard to sleep or do a power nap. Try to power nap in a less crowded area where no one is watching you as much as possible. Learn to embrace power nap it is better than coffee or any other energy drink plus, it restores and improves your wellbeing while caffeine impaired or do not do much of benefits in my opinion. I didn’t say that you opt-out drinking coffee or caffeinated drinks to boost you up. I understand that somehow it also depends on the tolerance of each individual’s body’s system. However, in my humble opinion drinking caffeinated drinks in moderation is perhaps the ideal thing to do. Hope you enjoy reading this article! Until then.

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