ENGLAND: I stayed at ibis Styles Hotel in Blackpool


We bumped into this lovely hotel when we decided not to stay at Grand Metropole Hotel because it was not our cup of tea. The staff was very accommodating when we asked to have a room with a seaside view and give us a peek in one of the rooms for us to choose. Not later we booked in for a night for £55 breakfast is included.

The location is accessible and easy to find. It is along the road of Promenade Street next to North Pier and near Talbot Square. The weather at that time wasn’t that great yet we manage to take our time walking around the places.

I was caught in two different perspectives, from the ancient to the new era. From a previous primitive hotel and here, a beautifully vibrant and stunning room. A Standard Room with one (1) double bed. I see how time traveled that changes and advances human’s preferences. The room was so lovely and the bedding was tidy and the floor is clean. We were in room 321 that time.

Clean, simple and organise settings and the room really smell fresh as we entered into it.

This is the modern hotel in my age. A flatscreen television with Freeview, a free wi-fi connection, hairdryer and a tea or coffee making facilities plus a set of a clean mug for a cup of tea to make our day.

The shower room is not that big enough but it is nice and clean.

May not be a perfect day to take a picture but this view here from this window is still great.

The seaside view we can see through the window. We did not have the whole view of the sea but it’s okay with us so long we can still have a glimpse of what is happening outside compared to the previous hotel.

We went out to a convenience store for a bit to buy a bottle of water when we saw this super green smoothie and it tastes good considering its ingredients. All the fruits and vegetables really incorporate and added a great taste of this smoothie.

Grabbing a healthy green smoothie from over the counter before sleep and hopefully, this may make feel energetic the next day for tomorrow is another day.


Breakfast is served from 6:30 to 10:00 AM, and up to 11:00 AM on weekends. We got up about 6:00 AM, groom ourselves a bit then went straight ahead to the food area. I really love the ambiance of this place, so vibrant! The place is quiet, clean, calm, the accent and styles of this place are so alive. From the hanging lamp lights to the wall decorations and its humble white chairs, wooden colors and tables simplify an elegance in a practical way.


A couple of croissants bread, a handy of cheddar cheese and yogurt for calcium. A ham for protein, a muesli for fiber and a green tea for my final sip to detoxify and digest the food I had is such wonderful to start my day. Their French style breakfast will give me the energy I needed to walk around and explore the place. The food taste good and the price is just right.

They serve continental breakfast. When it comes to eating, I’m definitely in no rush.

A breakfast of pastries, fruit, slices of cheese and meat. We had a coffee to awake us.

A fashionable chair. Who wants to sit in someone else lap? LOL.😄

Sitting on their stylish background.


A chic place and I love it. The stripes embracing the wall compliments to my favorite purple lamp shades.


It was a delight to stay in this hotel. If you fancy a vibrant and colorful ambiance hotel, I would love to recommend to anyone other there this appealing hotel. They had a very helpful staff, clean and nice rooms presented, great location and superb view. Their breakfast choice is good, healthy and tasty.  It is of excellent value for your money to stay here. It was a very good experience.

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