UK Visa: How to apply to Remain in the UK

For Marriage Visa

Hi there, I was inspired to write a blog regarding the procedures of how to apply to remain in the UK for UK Visas and Immigration hoping that this may help those who are planning to. To be eligible for this application, the applicant must have a Fiancee Visa and must be married within six months before the visa expires. Thinking about getting a visa makes me so excited but there are loads of things to prepare and to process them is a bloody thing.

This whole process requires time, money and effort, and more effort (so good luck!). I already got lost just by thinking about it in the first place. I mean I don’t know where to start and whether if we still have enough time to do all these things? Well, fortunately, life becomes a little bit easier with Google. Good thing we are born in this new generation where almost everything you want to know is just a click away in your mouse and you get the data that you needed on the computer.

However, there are some few challenges when gathering the appropriate documents so being a little bit resourceful is a great help. This may produce a favorable result in your application and of course, you want to get it right. I went to the UK through Fiancee Visa and we got married after two months. My husband and I started preparing the documents a couple of months but we had it finalized a month before my visa expires which was a little bit too tight of time. So I would suggest you do yours with loads of time to avoid the rush and just stay cool.

The documents you provide will determine the verdict of your application so you want to be sure that you are supplementing the ones they absolutely needed. Otherwise, your application might be refused and say goodbye to the fees for good. Okay, so let’s get down to business. What exactly do you need to know about UK Visas and Immigration and on how to apply to remain in the UK? Below are a few items that you need to read and check in order to assess yourself and your application.

  1. For which application must you use?
  2. Qualifying for an extension of stay
  3. Who may apply on this form?
  4. The Fee
  5. When to Apply
  6. Making sure your application is valid
  7. Ensuring your application is complete
  8. Completing the Form
  9. Photographs
  10. Documents
  11. Applying by post-the address
  12. Applying in person
  13. Decision Times
  14. Your status while your application is being considered
  15. Contacting us after you have applied
  16. Obtaining application forms
  17. Other Enquiries
  18. Choosing an immigration adviser
  19. Complaints about our service
  20. Data Protection Notice
  21. The requirements you need to meet
  22. Biometric Residence Permit

I created this blog to share my own experience and hope that you may find this useful. If you went through a Fiancee Visa and later got married here in the UK and you wish to apply for an extension of stay in the UK, then probably the form you might be needing is the FLR (M) form. However, you have to read the guidance notes in the UK & Visas Immigration FLR (M) Guidance Notes version 11/2015. Click and read here. Another purpose of this form is indicated there. On the next page is where I dissect each category and narrowed down the information I needed.

Preparing My Documents

For which application must you use?

I wish to apply for an extension of stay in the UK so we used the FLR (M) form for this application.

The Fee:

Standard Fee: £811
Additional Payment: £500 as we avail for Premium Service including £100 booking fee.
IHS (Immigration Health Surcharge): £500
Total: £1,811.00

When to Apply: 

When you think you have gathered all the documents that you wish to present with your application, then you may book an appointment either by post or by premium service. We chose the Premium Service as we are eager to know the result on the same day.

Making sure your application is valid:

We read thoroughly all these guidelines and I would suggest that you do the same and comply with the specified requirements.

  • The current version of Application Form and all form must be completed as required especially in the mandatory sections.
  • Specified Fee and its method payment in the payment Guidance.
  • Correct payment for IHS.
  • Specified Photographs.
  • Prepared all the documents which you think will support your application.
  • Relevant declarations in section 14 must be signed by you and your partner. Do not miss this!
  • Send the application by prepaid post to the Home Office or make a personal appointment at Premium Service Centre.

Note: Failure to do so, your application will be invalid and will be returned to you if you fail to do any of these things aforementioned under figure #6 in their “Guidance notes”.

Ensuring your application is complete:

  • Use Black Ink or Black Pen in filling up the application
  • Complete the page in black capital letters
  • Complete every relevant section of the form
  • Provide an explanation if you cannot give all relevant information or document when making your application

Note: I would suggest that as much as you can, try to provide all the information that they needed from you.


  • 2 identical passport size photographs of yourself/applicant and write your full name on the back of the photograph of each one. Ensure that your writing does not cause blotting or damage to the picture.
  • 1 passport size photograph of your partner with his/her full name written on the back of the picture. Again, ensure that your writing does not cause blotting or damage to the picture.
  • Place the photographs together in a small sealed envelope and attach it to section 1 of the form as instructed there.
  • Only provide the recent/latest photos.
  • Only provide photos that meet their rules. Measure 45 millimetres (mm) high by 35mm wide (the standard size used in photo booths in the UK). Further information about photo Guidance can be found here.

Note: Avoid anything that could damage the photographs like staples, clips, pins or anything that could leave a mark of the photos.

Obtaining Application Forms:

  • To get the form and print, please click here.

Speaking about documents, this is the bloody part of this process so I made it sure that we can supplement at least more than what they required just for a back-up yet is still within the scope. Please click on the next page to see the list of reference documents that may help you with your UK visa application on how to apply to remain in the UK.

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