Concert: Jessie J Concert in Scarborough

Who loves Jessie J? Me, me, me😜. Have you been to Jessie J’s concert before? How many artists do you admire and loved their music? Are you fond of watching international concerts or attending a gig in your local area? Music is life and most of us appreciate the sound of music on a different level and genre. Music is the poetry of the heart and the literature of the mind that fills our soul. It creates a various world inside our mind which enables us to be happy, sad, inspired or lonely at the same time. Sometimes music even gives healing to our broken soul and that’s the wonder of music. Alright, today, I want to share with you the first international concert I have ever been to because I too love music in all different kinds of sorts.

Jessie J Concert

It happened last year when I saw Jessie J’s concert in Scarborough and that’s when I went to the UK to visit my partner for a holiday. He bought a ticket for us before I arrived here and I was so excited to watch her on stage. By the way, this concert is memorable to me because like I said, this is my first international concert and so I decided to add them to my post. My partner that time (which is now my husband) was so generous as he gives all of his time with me, touring me in this lovely country as much as he possibly could.

On The Day

On the 10th of July last year, Jessie J held a concert at the Open Air Theatre in Scarborough at half-past five. I and my partner went to Scarborough that early morning and because the concert would start late in the afternoon, we planned to visit the Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary first and have a walk around the nearby area after. We’ve finished watching the sea life sanctuary much earlier than we thought, so we walked on the footpath of the road going to the town centre to grab something for our lunch.

After walking around for an hour or so, we need to get back in time before the concert will start. So we head back to the carpark but this time we took our route to the bay for a nice sea view. The shore was so pretty as the waves hit the shore back and forth which reminds me of our province. Our ancestral house is also nearby the sea and I usually go sit on the rock and watch the waves of the sea as it reaches towards the shore.

The Entrance

Not long and we managed to get back on time in the car park, as a matter of fact, we arrived 2 hours before the concert would start so we took a rest for a moment. Eventually, we moved out from the carpark and finally started joining the queue around 4 in the afternoon. Earlier, I struck a pose in front of this entrance before the queue started to prevent photobombers. Later that day, the place was fully packed with people waiting in line to get into the entrance. Before entering, it’s advisable not to carry any food as they impose strict rules, particularly on drinks. They will confiscate it from you and might take it away end up in the bin. In the end, the queue was flowing smoothly and everyone was accommodated and happy.

These were the tickets we’ve bought from Ticketmaster for £37.50 each.

The Open Air Theatre

This is the open-air stadium and the people had just started filling up the empty seats. It was a great day with the sky’s so blue and the wind was just right that fits perfectly for a concert like this. The place was equipped with full security, great food stands just around the corner inside the stadium and there was also a decent spot near the stage especially prepared for the physically challenged people so they too can have a proper view during the concert.

Luckily for us, the seats assigned to us was a spot on! It was a perfect seat to sit in just at its center and we felt comfortable the whole time watching Jessie J singing on the stage. There were plenty of seats in this theatre with a great sound system equipment plus the stage was not that bad far from where we were sitting. The stage is separated by a river from its viewers which I think would make it more safer for the performers. The venue was peaceful and the way the stage was placed was to me kinda bit scenic which was so close to nature.


My partner took me a picture near the stage as this is the nearest I could get just before the concert will start and makes everyone bang on and jive to the music!



Jessie J was the highlight of the show so prior to her performance, there were also few performers who performed that day and were actually quite good as well.

The crowd was all revved up with energy when Jessie J started to emerge at the center of the stage and I can’t help but join the crowd. She started to warm up a bit with her high notes to give the crowd a taste and the rest of the crowd cheered up and the whole place was filled with fun.

When I first saw her on stage I was like, Oh she is so tall and white like Snow White character and so brilliant! She has a very loud big voice and is very accommodating and interacts with her audience and fans very well. To me, she has a wonderful personality and so bubbly person.

Jessie J or Jessica Ellen Cornish is an English singer and songwriter who is born and based in London. She dedicates most of her life to music and began her career at an early age. I have read somewhere on Wikipedia where she said she didn’t know where did she get the letter J in her Jessie J stage name and that there’s no meaning behind it.

Jessie J sang most of her famous songs on that day including the Flashlight which is the soundtrack of Pitch Perfect 2, Bang Bang, Domino and a lot more. I, my partner and the rest of the crowd had a great time watching her awesome performance especially when Jessie J sang the Flashlight and Bang Bang songs.

Her Sense of Style

She is so adorable, outspoken individual and a considerate person, such a lovely person she is. I first heard of Jessie J with her song “Price Tag” that topped the chart in many countries and a lot of our local performers in the Philippines loves to sing this song as well as her other famous songs. I remember I used to sing the song “Price Tag” and “Flashlight” very often in the shower and sing to the beat of her song at the top of my lungs yet I still can’t hit the high notes. LOL.

One of the reasons I like Jessie J is she can inspire you to value yourself, her being gobby in a good way, she is a fireball with full of energy and most of all her quirky fashion style that makes her uniquely stand out as an artist. Jessie J is also famous in the Philippines because of her massive powerhouse voice that can really put you on the move. One of her powerful songs I like is “Do It Like a Dude”,”Price Tag”, “Nobody’s Perfect”, “Domino”, “Laserlight” and “Masterpiece”. What’s your favorite song by Jessie J? What do you like her the most? I want to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave a comment.  Right now, I am looking forward to more concerts to watch in the future and hopefully write my experience and share it with you guys. Until then!😉


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