CEBU: Karaoke Time at Music One Family KTV and DVD

It’s Karaoke Time! If you are looking for a place to sing in a karaoke, then this place may suitable for you. If you wish to spend a night with your friends or hang out with your colleagues, Music One Family KTV and DVD is one of the best places to visit here in Cebu. With their relaxing ambiance, fair service and delicious foodies, you’ll definitely have a great night out with your friends.

Music One KTV and DVD

Music One KTV and DVD is very accessible and is a safe place to hang out. It is located in I.T. Park Lahug Cebu at the second level of the “The Walk” building and it’s open 24/7. This place is mostly surrounded by BPO industry and other I.T. related businesses. A lot of Cebuanos find the place convenient and relaxing although Music One is not only for karaoke. They also have DVD’s for viewing where you can rent and watch movies in a private and cozy soundproofed room with your family or friends.

So you are free to scream if you are watching horror movies, suspense and the like. I did not ask about the price for the DVD service as we only wanted to use the room for karaoke. However, I believe it is a whole lot cheaper compared to the cinema so rather than watching in a cinema, you could come and try this place.

The Receiving Area

The apple-pie of the place is their reception area. The exquisite interior design and the chandeliers on the ceiling add elegance to the environment. The aura of the place somehow projected a palace-like-chamber in the hallway. A bit of a Gothic exotic experienced to me. Perhaps you’ll be fascinated with their chandeliers as I was.

The place gets much busier at the weekend so you might find yourself setting on these sofas like these folks on the picture if you come a bit late. So help yourself and get comfortable by scanning their magazines while waiting for your private room. It was Saturday 5:00 o’clock in the evening when we went there. So it was not so crowded yet.

Karaoke Time

As far as I can remember, they do not cater for reservations. To avoid waiting, I would suggest you arrive here a bit early as this is a first come first served system. The room was clean although it was not that large it was big enough to accommodate seven to eight individuals. You can avail their consumable package and that’s already good for three hours of enjoyment. However, the price may be exceeded depending on the amount of food you order.

It was a showdown with my staff and I can’t believe I sang out loud with the song “Basang-Basa sa Ulan”. My goodness, I felt like my tonsils had blown out! Yet I was a bit ill at that time, duh! I had my meds with me anyway just in case.

However, I noticed that their soundproof rooms are not completely effective. You can hear the voices of other people in another room. Nonetheless, once you are in the middle of a fun, you hardly pay attention to the noise from the other rooms.

This gathering served as a farewell to my team. We decided to have a dinner with the team together with our IT manager before we parted ways the following week. It was a good decision to have something like this to remember before I totally left my workplace. It was a good night for all of us as we seldom had time to spend together outside of work due to the hectic schedule in the office. The above photo shows the foods we ordered. Unfortunately, I can no longer remember what those were but I must say they tasted good. You can start picking up your songs while munching some of their finger foods whilst taking loads of shots on the camera.


The photo shows me and one of my staff. I handed her a few rewards for a job well done in the office. Spicing up a little bit of motivation to continue working hard and excel in their tasks and duties.

Parting Time

After the night out, I asked my staff to take me a picture outside the Music One. To some, the place is a bit pricey while others find it affordable. It’s always good to come in a group so you can share the cost.

One of the nice places to enjoy music and bond with colleagues and friends is this place. They have the latest songs downloaded. I also appreciate their microphones as it made my voice beautiful. LOL. In fact, I was having a good time singing my heart out and felt the beat of the music. That was my so-called hidden talent. I might come again to this place. Time will tell.

Before we left the place, I asked the receptionist to take a photo of us all in front of their lounge as a keepsake of our time together. I am glad I stayed for a while and met these lovely people with different outlooks on life because I have also learned from them. Live in the present and be happy. Happiness starts from within and it will radiate to the people that surround you.

It is necessary to feel comfortable with a venue when you hold special occasions.  If you would like to visit the place, see the information below. Please be guided that the information may be subject to change.

God Bless

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