My Blog

Hiya! I’m Janlyn, the creator, author, photographer and carer of this blog. I consider myself as a lifestyle blogger focusing on the things that I love such as cooking, traveling, adventures, writing and taking pictures. On Jansleisureblog, you’ll find a lot of things including my life as it happens.


How it all started:

Jansleisureblog is my personal journal, a lifestyle blog providing topics about foods, trips, photography, inspiration and spiritual healing, health and well-being, reviews, entertainment, and random thoughts. This blog exists to extend my warmth and to remind everyone that life may be a joke sometimes but life is still life after all, so breathe and live! Life is beautiful.

Way, way back, when I was a youngster, I always loved to write. I used to write poems and lyrics using the back of an old calendar in our house because I couldn’t afford to waste clean bond paper just to write on but that stopped, as the years went by as my interests switched to singing. However, a few years back, I wanted to make a journal of my life so I used Facebook and my other social media accounts as my album but I felt like it wasn’t enough. I realised I wanted to write a story behind those photographs I took and decided to join a blog site called Bubblews, which some of you may have already heard about. After a while, the site was closed down and soon after I decided to start blogging on Blogger then after a year, I decided to join this platform.

I’m addicted to photo taking, traveling and adventurous activities and that gives me the craving to put it down in writing. I am not a professional photographer but I hope to be one day. I don’t like to compete as it only stresses me out. I just want to be the best version of myself when it comes to my passion. I am here to share my passion just like the rest of the bloggers out there, maybe connect with them and somehow learn from them. I always remind myself that life is always a continuous learning process, so never stop learning and don’t give up. Remember that many successful people made loads of mistakes before they became experts.

When you dream, dream big with open eyes and then make that dream come true. May this blog be full of great thoughts that may seem relevant to all my readers.

Thanks for dropping by and to God be the glory.😊