CEBU: My Qualfon Farewell

This Qualfon farewell post is dedicated to my last company Qualfon Cebu before I started a new chapter in my life in another country. This company has offered me a lot of things in my life and it made me think of writing a post one day in dedication to it and here it is My Qualfon farewell. Qualfon has made me the best person I can be. It helped me in many aspects of my life. I am among those who benefited from Qualfon’s company mission. Truly to me, they make people’s lives better and helping one to reach one’s dream is likely possible there. At the end of my journey with this company, I’ll always look back on when I started working as a call centre agent many years ago.

I can still recall the time I applied here. It was the year 2010 when I met a woman who was trying to apply at Qualfon. Though it was not part of my plan to apply I accompanied her anyway. She encouraged me to give it a try and so I did. The hiring process was so very lengthy. It was already past 1:00 o’clock in the morning when we finished all the different stages of exams and interviews. Eventually, it was all done and we both got hired. I was so flat and drastically sleepy when I got home. A couple of days had past and finally, the training had begun and I started gaining new friends along the way in the training and nesting period. The video below shows images of the training period and some people I made friends with during this process.

Training and Production

The training session could have been difficult but thanks to the trainees who were so bubbly by nature. They were easy to get along with which made the lesson a lot easier to learn.  Eventually, the training was enjoyable even though there were still loads of things going on. It is imperative to learn all the lessons quickly which being taught by the trainer during the training. This is the crucial part because you have to apply all the lessons you have learned to the production floor. Otherwise, you will look like a vegetable sitting in your cubicle, speechless and clueless about what is going on. Of course, you would not like that idea. You don’t want to engage in a call and do not know how to help the client over the phone. Therefore, study the lessons and nailed it.

I hate the Nesting part, my heart would always pound every time I heard that word. However, nesting is vital during training as this will serve as your evaluation to determine if you can proceed to the production or if they will drop you off. I can still remember my first call in my first four hours of nesting, my voice and hands were shaking. I felt like my heart was pumping so greatly and my hands were sweating. My mouth was mumbling and I could barely type on the keyboard. My feet and my mind wanted to go home so badly and I didn’t feel like going back. In the end, all these feelings had to be tamed in order to surpass the test and get the job.

My Second Home

I considered Qualfon as my second home. From financial needs to medical assistance to spiritual growth and moral support. I salute the CHAPLAIN department and I wish all the best for them. I met a great great friend there, Ricky, and I am thankful I got to know this person personally. This person had become my mentor, my counselor, a friend and a practical and spiritual adviser. May God bless him. I got hospitalised several times already and Qualfon was always there for me with the help of its insurance. This company improved my way of living and gave me financial stability and a wonderful career. It blessed me not only my needs but supplying my wants, extending help to my family and supported some of my travels and vacations.

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    • Hi, Analyn. I’m glad that you like it. I really appreciate it. Thank you Analyn.


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