How to Renew Your Philippine Passport in the UK

My Philippine passport was due to expire this year so I knew I had to renew it and if you are living in the UK like me, then you have to go to the Philippine Embassy in London. I am not sure if there is another way or branch to do it but I guess it is safer to do it in our own embassy. Besides, the current system requires the personal appearance of all applicants and it is compulsory. We live in the northern part of England so I had to ask my hubby to book a day-off from work for us to travel to London for this appointment.

Philippine Passport

Once you have decided to renew your Philippine passport, the first thing you have to think is the what-how-when thoughts. What are the things you need to prepare, how are you going to do it and when are you going to do it. How will you prepare your documents and set the date of your appointment, your accommodation and how much your budget will be for this entire trip. This will help you feel confident as you go on with the processes inside the embassy.

I decided to write this article on how to renew your Philippine passport so I can also contribute some insights to my fellow Filipinos who are newly living here in the UK and need to renew their passport. Here’s how I did mine and I hope you may find this helpful. The three keys I consider are the following:

Planning is vital and you really need to gather all the required documentation well in advance as you will need to make numerous photocopies. Review your documents again a couple of days before your appointment to put your mind at ease.

Time management is also important because you’ve got to find the location if you are not familiar with the place and the transaction inside is based on first come, first served basis provided by a priority number. No reservation is permitted beforehand.  Best to get there early and get in the queue. We were there before 8:00 AM.

Your mode of payment is what you also need to consider when you are being accommodated by the staff. I paid mine in cash for a quick and easy transaction. I think they do have a contactless card reader there but I would suggest you bring cash as well with you just in case.

We don’t visit London very often so we decided to spend a few days there so we could also roam around and see the sights again after completing our main task of renewing my passport. We had fun although it required a fair bit of walking and regarding the expenses, well, it was worth it. Alright, let’s go back to the topic and I will be elaborating on the three keys which I consider will help you get ready for this errand.

By the way, others would simply want to renew their passport while I had to change my last name to my spouse’s surname as I’ve just married recently. So, there will be additional papers to provide compared to the normal renewal transaction. Here we go..

Things You Need To Prepare

  • Requirements for all applicants
  • Fees
  • Location and Time
  • Releasing
  • Links and Forms
  • Steps on what to do inside the embassy

Requirements for all applicants

  1. Personal appearance, no appointment necessary
  2. Produce a photocopy of all your documents
  3. Duly accomplished passport application form (written in Block Capitals)
  4. Passport Renewal Fee in cash or British postal money order
  5. Passport size photos of applicant’s taken within the last 6 months (optional)
  6. A self-addressed special delivery pre-paid envelope (optional)
  7. Other supporting documents


Passport Renewal Fee in Cash: used to be £47.00 but now £55.00
Report of Marriage Fee: £23.00
Affidavit of Delayed Registration Fee: £23.00
Additional fee for late registration: £18.00 (I can no longer find this on their site)

Location and Time

The Philippine Embassy Consular Section is at:
6-11 Suffolk Street, London, SW1Y 4HG

Opens from 9:00AM-1PM and 2:00PM-5:00PM
Mondays thru Fridays except for holidays
Contact Number: 020 7451 1780


After submission of applications, applicants will be notified when processed passports will be ready for collection. The new Philippine passport may be claimed in person at the embassy by the applicant after 8-12 weeks from the date of application or completion of the computer generated form for the passport. The applicant should present the claim stub with its official receipt of payment as well as the old passport. You can also assign a representative to collect your new Philippine passport presenting the letter of authorization from the applicant, old Philippine passport of the applicant, and representative’s ID in addition to the claim stub and receipt.

However, since I live far in London, I chose the alternate way~~I provided a prepaid-self addressed special delivery envelope so that my new Philippine passport will be sent by post and delivered to my home which I find more easier and hassle-free.


For passport information, do visit the Philippine Embassy London site by clicking here.
For civil registry certification, do visit the site by clicking here.


For editable E-Passport Application Form, click here.
To print a Passport Application Form, please click here.
For Report of Marriage Form, click here.
For Affidavit of Late Registration of Marriage, click here.

Additional Requirements for Passport Renewal

  1. Applicant’s old Philippine passport
  2. At least two (2) photocopy of data page of the old passport
  3. Original and one (1) photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate with receipt
  4.  One other valid identification document

Other Acceptable Supporting Documents

  • Other/ older passport/s
  • SSS ID
  • Driver’s License
  • Voter’s ID or Voter’s Registration Record
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Old SSS-E1 form
  • Transcript of Records
  • Government Service Record
  • Land Title

 Inside The Philippine Embassy

This is not the office you have to enter instead, look for the “Philippine Embassy Consular Section” and the room beside it is where the office for the renewal of passport. I was a bit confused at first but somehow I managed in the end. It is on your right side as you walk on the street of 6-11 Suffolk and before the Philippine Embassy London door or office. 


  1. Finalising: For the last time, sort out and finalise your documents the night before including your cash payment and set it aside or put it on the table where you can easily see it in the morning.
  2. Time: It would be ideal to sleep and wake up early so you can also leave early and there would be no rush. Plus, that would give you enough time for your travel especially if you stayed far from the embassy.
  3. Location: You may need help from Google map or a map if you are not familiar with the place and I can tell this required plenty of walking in searching for that location. However, if you have been to London especially you’ve passed by Trafalgar Square, it is on the left side if not near on the National Gallery facing the National Gallery Museum itself.
  4. Get in the Queue: Once you find the embassy, stay in the queue as there will be more people coming for the same appointment. You have to get the priority number the early the better so you can finish and leave early.
  5. Inside the Office: Once the door opens don’t lose your queue the moment you get in and wait for the right room to open. Inside the office have 3 rooms and the center room is for staff while on the right side is a room where you can see all the forms and instructions regarding the procedures. The left side room is their processing office and where you have to get the priority number. The priority number is located near the flag and the entrance of the processing section.
  6. Priority Number: Take your seat and wait for your number to be called. When the staff started processing the transaction, be mindful of your priority number flashing above the entrance of the processing section as they are so quick in calling out other numbers.
  7. Processing Documents: Give a brief explanation as to what is your purpose for the visit and hand over your documents to the staff. They are quite very quick and you will not be the only applicants in the processing section so pay attention and attend carefully as what the staff is suggesting you if there is any.
  8. Payment: Hand over your payment to your left side once you are being told by the staff to do so.
  9. Biometrics Capture: Only go to the biometric section for encoding if you are being told by the staff. The biometric is upstairs so go there have a rest, take your seat and wait for your name to be called. A staff will call your name and will assist you with the picture taking, signature and reviewing your personal identification information on their computer.
  10. You’re Good to Go: Wait for the final instructions from the staff if there is any and once you’ve done all this, you’re good to go. I finished mine in about an hour or so but not more than two hours.

Here is my renewed Philippine Passport. The images below are what you will see on the right side of the room with instructions.

(Click image to enlarge) 


It would be better if you have your documents be photocopied already, otherwise, you will need to go outside and you may lose your queue in the line. However, if under circumstances you really need to photocopy some of your documents because you’ve forgotten to do it then you may look the address below as to where to go. Furthermore, you may look for Ryman in the Post office to buy an envelope and postage stamps if you don’t have a prepaid-self addressed special-delivery-envelope and you wish the embassy to send your processed document to you by post.

The address below is about five minutes walk from the embassy
5-11 Lower Regent Street,
St. James’s, London SW1Y 4LR

Below is the left room office where you submit, process the documents and pay the fee.

The below picture is the encoding and biometrics capture room located upstairs in the processing room. You can take your time and rest while waiting for your name to be called. Just for an add-on, if you fancy getting a voter’s ID even if you are here in the UK, there is a table on the left side where you can register your name.


Another important thing is, I would suggest you arrange your documents properly prior presenting them to the staff because they are so quick and have no time to mess around. Get ready with your cash money in your jeans or jacket pocket so you won’t need to grab your wallet inside your bag by the time they’ll ask you to pay the fee. Have a pen ready for you because other applicants may be using it at a time. If you are married here in the UK and you need to renew and change your last name to your spouse surname, then, please read page number 2 for more information.

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13 thoughts on “How to Renew Your Philippine Passport in the UK

  • Hi.

    Did you hand over your old passport when you renew it? I’m asking because I’m planning to renew in April but I’m also travelling mid April and wnd of May. Don’t want to do it afther the travels because I’m travelling again August and didn’t want to delay the process (apparently it takes about 8-12 weeks). My passport is expiring in August.

    So basically my question is can I still travel with old passport after Applying for renewal?


    • Hi Lady Jo,

      As far as I can remember I have my old passport with me when I renew it. They just send to me my new one in my mailing address and it didn’t take 8 weeks, it was shorter than I expected. I reckon if your old passport is still valid for travel even you are applying for a renewal, you should be fine. However, just for a reminder, some countries require a minimum number of months validity on your passport. Thanks for dropping by. 😀

  • Hi Jeni. Have you received your passport already? Gano sya katagal? 12 weeks ba talaga? Nagapply ako last jan 18.

    Thank you! Joana

    • Hi Joana,

      Yes, I received my passport and it didn’t take that long-not 12 weeks not even three weeks. I hope you received yours as well in time.

  • Hello there.
    Im planning to renew my passport next just wondering if u could help me.i just have a question,u know at the form its written there “present address and home address,is this referring the address where im residing here in uk.
    Thank u

  • Hi. Just a query po. I just renewed my passport on the 3rd of December, does it really take 8 to 12 weeks for them to process it? I haven’t received my passport yet. Thank you.

    • Hi Jeni,

      Apparently po, it takes 8-12 weeks from the date of application or completion of the computer generated form for the passport. However, for some reason po dumating yung sa akin a bit earlier than I expected. I am hoping ganun din sayo.

  • Thanks for this! The details helped when I renewed my passport earlier today.

  • How long did it take before you got your passport? X

    • Hi Mary Anne,
      As far as I can remember mine only took a couple of weeks or few weeks but it didn’t take a month perhaps.

      • Hi,

        Any suggestions on where to stay as I will go up to London to renew my child’s passport?


        • Hi Elle,

          Either Ibis Styles, Holiday Inn or Premier Inn hotel in London. These are the hotels I would like to recommend to you. It is because they are economical and I love the ambiance of these hotels. I don’t get a commission from them, they are just my own preference. However, you can always look up for your own ideal place to stay in. I hope this helps. Thank you for dropping by your message. 😀



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