Boating at St Abbs Harbour in Scotland

Boating at St Abbs

We paid a visit to St Abbs in Scotland with my partner as he bought a new outboard motor for his Honwave inflatable boat and we’ll have to test its performance. I have never been to Scotland so I am always excited most of the time knowing that I will be visiting another place. Things were already been packed up the night before and it was 3:00 o’clock in the morning the next day, I was still a bit sleepy when I took the shower. As usual, I got dressed up a bit slow and so didn’t manage to have my breakfast in the house. I get it on the van instead, I had eaten tuna sandwich as we hit the road. We started heading off at exactly 4:08 in the morning on Sunday. Long story short, after two hours we reached the border between Scotland and England.

We had stopped at the border and had a selfie with this huge word here welcoming people to Scotland who crossed this border.

We’re on Scotland now and still on the road but not long now and we will reach the harbor in a few minutes.

St Abbs Harbor in Scotland

Here we are, just arrived in St. Abbs and this was the view on top of the place. We arrived around 6:00 o’clock in the morning. The weather was not great at that time as the sun was still hiding behind the clouds.

Taking a picture at the harbor of St. Abbs before preparing for the boating and after about 30 minutes, hubby had managed to set up the boat. and now we’re ready to go out boating in a few minutes.

Inflatable Honda wave T38

It’s time to test the outboard motor on this boat and the idea is we’ll have to cover a video of the new outboard with this boat at the same time testing the new GoPro he just bought. Then, afterward go fishing and we’re hoping the sun would make its way through the clouds and give us the sunshine on the sea. If so, that would be a perfect day for us.

I guess we were not fortunate that day, because as much as we wanted to catch fish but we were out of luck. We’ve tried different spots to locate the fish and even went to the area where a ship had wrecked ages ago to see if we can catch some but looks like it didn’t go as we planned it. Well, perhaps some other time and besides the weather wasn’t that great anyway. However, I enjoyed the serenity of the place. It was peaceful but cold and I can’t believe how clear the water is in here, you can even see what’s below down the water.

Boating and Fishing Time

Cruising the beach and testing the motor outboard. My partner’s hobby is focusing on kayak and boating and for the result of this outboard this, you may visit his blog site at Stufishing the blog or click on this link here.

A good place for quiet time.

Enjoying the view

The tranquillity of the place is wonderful. Quiet, simple yet very lovely. The green grass and yellow flowers added beauty to the dead brown rock. The waves of the sea and the sound of the birds flying all around the area encompasses the beauty of nature.

I can have a moment to reflect on myself on this placid water and peaceful surroundings.

I am not sure if what I saw was a petite waterfall just right nearby the house in this picture. It gently flows down to the ocean which is so cute. Meanwhile, we’ve already spent hours in the sea with no fish and I got a bit cold.

I spotted some birds floating near our boat probably they are waiting for fish if we could get some. They look quite nice floating in the water so I took a picture of them. This shows that these birds were confident being around by humans. Hours had past and we’ve done testing the new outboard.

Still, we didn’t manage to catch fish so we decided to give up and do a video of his previous outboard motor which we brought along with us today. We remembered he has a fish finder in the house but did not take along with us. It would have been so easy to spot fish on the sea. For sure next time we’re going to bring it so it would be convenient for us to locate the fish.

Fishing in Solidarity

There were some people went out fishing today despite the condition of the weather. I even spot a man fishing from the top of the rock on this picture. I hope that man gets a few. The rocks over the sea serve as the habitat of the birds here which makes it a good area to search for their food.

It was already around 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon when we head off back to the harbor and pack our things up back to the van. It was a cold afternoon so he went to the coffee shop and bought some hot chocolate. A great way to warm the day by savoring its taste. That drink was a kind new to me. It has a very cold thick whipped cream on top with pinky-white marshmallows below it with a hot milk chocolate. I forgot to take a picture of it, will do next time.

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