Talent is a Gift from God, Make use of It

The Gift

Everyone is a unique individual. God created us that way. Although we are equal in his love and care we certainly differ from each other. I believe that every one of us possesses unique talents or skills that emanate from us. But some talent or skill is hidden. God wants us to find it out in ourselves if what we are good for?

If your talent or skill is visible, God wants you to polish and utilize it. Some people need to figure out their talents themselves. While to some, time itself will help them reveal the gift in time. If you think you do not have any, think again. I am sure there is. Give yourself a time. Sometimes God wants you to know yourself so that you can appreciate and see his gift for you.

Whatever talent or skill you will have, God wants you to make use of it, in the right way. He wants you to use the gift he gave you. Otherwise, if you will not take good care of it or you keep it idle, he might take that away from you. But our God is a kind and loving God. He knows what is best for you for he created you. Moreover, it would be great if you could use your talent or skill in serving God and be his disciple on earth using the instrument (talent) he has for you.

To God be the glory

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