The Blogger

Meet the Blogger

Hiya, my name is Janlyn and I am the keeper of this little blog. Some of my friends call me Jan or lyn. I am the smiling person behind this blog and welcome to my page. I am a Filipina, born and raised in Cebu. I’m currently living in the northern part of the UK with my husband. My life has been incredible and I’m still looking forward for more to come.

I created this blog as my personal journal and through this, I share my passion with the things I love to do and share; traveling, writing, fashion, taking pictures, cooking, eating, and products that I use. I’m a food enthusiast and I share my experiences about foods that I have savored inside my home and from dining out. I’m fond of cooking too so I may also include few of my own recipes on this blog. I like to keep it real here so you’ll find loads of real-life stories on my blog with plenty of honest opinions and reviews.

Fragments of Me

Only a few knew that I am an introvert person and writing is my way of escape. Blogging helps me find a place to recharge myself from time to time because it ‘s where I can express my thoughts, interests, challenges and any events or sentiments not only in my life alone but life in general.

My views in Life

I believe that since life is too short, I think it would be lovely to create good memories and live our life with positivity. I believe that most part of life is 90% happiness and the other remaining part is pretty melancholic and upsetting. To me, happiness is a state of mind, if you condition your mind to be happy, whatever comes along will not easily break you. It’s either it will make you or break you, so be gentle with yourself. My life and belief are rooted in the center of the one who created me and I am the carer of all the things he poured upon me.

I state my views on products I personally use, photos that captured my lens, my fashion style or outfits that I wear, music, movies, healthy tips and some fragments of my personal life. I am a child of God and I am still a work in progress. I would love to share his words and his works on how his love and his presence made a great impact in my life.

Special Thanks

I want to thank the people whom I have shared good memories in my life with. My family who is always been there for me, to my friends who toss and cling to the rhythm of my life, thank you. My special thanks and love to my husband for all the support and for encouraging me to do my blog. Most of the time he’d been with me and we’ve walked together in our journey in life which the Lord had prepared for us. Thank you for making my blog possible.

To my Creator

Most of all, my warmth and huge thanks to my creator, the author of life, Lord Jesus Christ for giving me all the talents he bestowed upon me. For his unceasing, unconditional, enormous love on me and for embracing every piece of me, thank you, Lord. His love never fails and his mercy is everlasting. If not for him, I will not be here on earth today. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the gift of life and thank you for being our great provider. In him, all things are possible.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you’ve enjoyed your reading☺☺

To God be the glory.😊