CEBU: A glimpse at the hidden beauty of Tumalog Falls in Oslob

I have visited many waterfalls in my life and this one is quite unique from all the other waterfalls I have seen in the provinces of Cebu. Cebu is well-packed with great natural wonders you simply can enjoy. Thanks to mother nature. Oslob is the fourth income class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. The place had also become the tourist destination in both foreigners and locals and its numbers of visitors dramatically increasing as time goes by. The place also has other remarkable tourist destinations like Whale Shark Watching, Mainit Hot SpringSumilon Island, Cuartel- Spanish soldiers barracks-era and etc. People here inherited the abundance of these natures and thus added earnings to their living.

If you are up from the city, you may have to ride a bus or a private vehicle at your own choice. Unfortunately, I can no longer remember the fare though but for sure they are not that expensive. As for us, we took a bus from the South bus terminal station and rode a via Oslob trip. We spent the night at my friend’s bungalow in Oslob which she rents out to tourists. The place was very cozy and quiet thanks to my friend Susan.  Here is a short video of the accommodation area:

My boyfriend and I had just visited the Whale Shark Watching in Oslob before we went to the falls. It was really a one of a kind experience swimming along with these giant whale sharks that surround you as the fishermen are feeding them shrimp to bring them in close. Too bad, we weren’t able to save a single video of it. All of our GoPro footage got corrupted.

We planned to go to Kawasan Falls after that. However, we decided to have a short visit of this well-known waterfalls in Oslob when it was introduced to us by a friend of mine. Well, as you can see from the map below, the ride only takes a few minutes for you to get there if you are already at the whale shark watching area.

Along the way, you can see the views from the top and how high and massive the mountains that surround this place in the video below. As we were approaching the place, I admit I was a bit scared on the motorbike running downhill towards it as we were traveling very fast without crash helmets.

Here is a video of our motorcycle trip into the falls.

Tumalog Falls is not a huge waterfall but its beauty is spectacular and is one of a kind. Unlike with any other falls, its walls encompass a lot of vegetation so the water carves out channels as it flows down to the ground.

I stood in awe as I looked at the beauty of its surroundings. The green algae decorated the rocks as the gravity continued to pull down the water through it. The rays of the sun linger in the water and with each strain produces magnificent blue rays as the water kisses the face of the earth.  

The video we took whilst at the falls:

The sight was indeed breathless to me. As you can see in the background, the waterfalls on the rigid stones as the drips of water come down like a bunch of flowers and it pretty cold near where I stood as it was very shaded. I could feel the mist of the water on my skin. The complexity of Mother Nature created a nice tranquil place to relax and de-stress.

Somehow it made me think that this place is a fairy kingdom because of its quietness. Be careful when you take steps on the spot where I stood in the video as it was a bit slippery but it was a good spot for taking selfie pictures with that sprinkled waterfall behind me. One other good thing about this trip was the hospitality of the motorbike drivers here. They can also serve as your photographer and tour guide at the same time.

I believe the Oslob local government is in the progress of protecting and heightening the assets of the place. The downhill part is still pretty rocky though and I hope they will also make a more convenient and accessible way for tourists and visitors. What’s unusual about this falls is the current is not too strong. In fact, I can see people standing right at the drizzling point of the water below without hurting them. What I love the most about this waterfalls is how gentle it is and how graceful it is to watch from a distance. The sprinkle of its water is so splendid. In fact, I could have stayed a little bit longer. Nevertheless, we only came here to peek and have a glimpse of the place before heading elsewhere.

What’s good about this falls is you can swim without worrying about drowning as the bedrock of it is very shallow. The common thing is it is cold in there. We decided not to swim as we only came for a short visit. Besides I normally easily get cold. So I guess I was not ready, aha alibi :). I could see stones underneath the water, so please pay extra careful when you get in the water. Perhaps you can bring your slippers with you. It would be a fun adventure for you to spend time with your buddies or friends here.

My boyfriend and I spent around 20 to 30 minutes by this lovely waterfall before we decided to go back to the National road and continue to our next destination, to Badian to see Kawasan Falls. It was my boyfriend’s first time visiting our country so I wanted to take him to many of our best tourist spots here in Cebu.

The journey back out:

If you wish to go in whale shark watching in Oslob be sure to include this place on your bucket list. You may wish to drop by at this lovely waterfall and take many of photos whilst here, we did.

Enjoy and have a nice trip! 🙂

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