England: Visiting The Medieval Warwick Castle

My husband surprised me with a breakaway tour to a medieval Warwick Castle and Cadbury World and the trip was a 2-day break included with two attractions. The first destination was a visit to Warwick Castle during their Halloween spectacular event and a day two was a trip to Cadbury World near Birmingham. I packed our things Friday afternoon for our trip the next day.

The Preparation

I made some sandwiches for us to munch while on the bus for tomorrow. Normally when we go out for a trip, we usually have fruits, biscuits, sandwiches and even coffee in a small flask in our backpack (a girl scout type). We went to bed a bit late so obviously, we were both sleepy when we got up from bed the next morning. We had cereal and coffee for breakfast then prepared for about an hour. We then left the house at 7:30 in the morning, had a walked for about 15 minutes to the pickup station. It was a perfect weather then, not windy and not cloudy either. Just fits for a day trip. Weepee! We were already at the pickup point when the bus arrived. The bus left at exactly 8:10 in the morning and had stopped at Darlington to pick up some more passengers.

We had a stopped over at Tibshelf Motorway Services Southbound on the M1 road for a 30 minutes break. We get off the bus and had a brief walk around the service area. It was a bit chilly outside yet I still love the fresh air though not to mention the green grass that surrounds the whole place at the back of the station is so clean. I even took a few pictures while others having their coffee at the service station. Later we decided to go back to the bus, sip a coffee in our seat and grab some sandwich. The bus started to hit the road again after the break. This time we are heading to Warwick Castle which will take 1 hour and 16 minutes from the service station.

Medieval Warwick Castle

It was cloudy when we arrived at Warwick Castle perhaps past 1 o’clock in the afternoon, so we roamed around in the area and there, loads of people came for the Halloween event. I was amazed by the nature surrounding the castle and the castle itself is so magnificent it’s as if like a so-called “nature place” in an anime that doesn’t exist but is actually here.

This is the view from the top of the other tower.

   This is the entrance to the castle.

We had a great time exploring the palace though we missed some of the events such as the “Horrible Histories Maze” and “The Dungeon”. By the way, the Warwick Castle was recognised as Britain’s best castle by the Good Britain Guide in 2003 and apparently also one of the “Top 10 historic houses and monuments” by the British Tourist Authority. Anyway, not long then and we need to leave the place and head to our hotel so we can rest because it was already late in the afternoon when we finished the tour in the castle.

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Haunted Warwick Castle

Had a selfie with the strong monster inside the castle. A friendly man with a scary monster along with his cute little Axe.

The medieval Warwick Castle has been associated with ghost stories and is considered as one of the haunted castles in the UK and apparently, there has been an account of ghosts reports over the years. A lot of creepy stories linked to this castle that made it popular with people for ghost hunting and regularly held paranormal activity.


One of the most famous folks is the tale of Fulke Greville’s who died nearly 400 years ago after being brutally stabbed by a manservant. Although he died in Holborn, the ghost or spirit of Fulke Greville returns to the castle to haunt the Watergate Tower which is now known as the Ghost Tower.

My husband and I visited the place as the Warwick Castle embrace a Halloween special. The castle is known for many ghost stories especially in the dungeon so they cast live actor participation in the castle quiet similar to “London Dungeon”. We really wanted to see the dungeon but didn’t make it due to the long queue. They say it was one of the best parts of your visit to this castle. They also have other exhibits and shows to attract many tourists to the castle. I’m always been fascinated by castles whether it is haunted or not, surely there were loads of odd and mysterious stories hidden in it.

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Inside Warwick Castle were lots of armors and equipment shown in the hallway, the dining area and deathbed of the queen and other historical things were in it. Just by the thought that a castle is standing for over a long period of time, every time I touched a tapestry or the walls, it gives me a different kind of feeling as if those walls have eyes and see a lot of mysteries for over a hundred years yet they remain silent and standing still.

The Famous King Henry VIII

Guy’s Tower

As we entered Guy’s Tower, we really got lost finding the exit way. If you plan on going up to Guy’s Tower, please prepare your knees and your joints as the entrance to Guy’s tower is so very narrow. The steps have a tiny space on each side and its stairs is seems so endless! Are you afraid of the dark? Oh, don’t be but yes you might be scared of the stairs.

Mind you, we have been going up and down and round again in that dark and tiny stairs of Guy’s tower. It was a bit scary and creepy in there and so tiring to my joints and legs. As we tried to get out from Guy’s tower, we ended up at up Caesar’s Tower on our way to exit. This castle looks really a haunted infrastructure with dark history lying through it. We went back to the bus at 4:30 in the afternoon and this time we’re heading to the hotel where we will spend a night at Quality Hotel in Wolverhampton. Traveling to the hotel takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. It was quarter to 6 in the evening when we arrived in the lobby of the hotel. Tea time was served at 6:30 in the evening.

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